5 Best Destinations for Your October Trip

Travelling in October, if you can, is always great. The flight and hotel prices are lower and there are a bunch of countries where you can still catch that last bit of summer.

There are many to choose from, so we picked out 5 of the best destinations for you, so you don’t have to spend time researching it yourself. Focus on your holiday prep instead! 🙂

Rome – Italy

Rome is beautiful in October. Weather is on average way above 20 (°C), and the amount of tourists in the city is significantly lower. This means that you can stay in your favourite area for a reasonable price and not have to book weeks in advance to get a table at your favourite pizza restaurant.

We recommend staying in Trastevere. This neighbourhood is right in the heart of the small  Italian streets by the Basilica of Santa Maria, surrounded by many authentic cafes and restaurants and within a close proximity of all the main attractions.

Fuerteventura – Canary Islands

While this is slightly further away than Rome, one of Canary Islands is a place to be in Autumn. The weather is about 25 (°C) on average so you can come back home looking nice and bronzed.

Fuerteventura is our favourite island. It’s best for outdoor activities, the white sandy beaches and it’s a lot more peaceful than the party island Tenerife or the busy Gran Canaria. One thing to look out for is where on the island to stay. While your stay might be cheaper down the South coast of the island, you will have to travel up North every all the time for activities. The surf is best on the Northern coast and it’s pretty much at the centre of everything. Look out for hotels and guest houses in Corralejo and you won’t get it wrong.

Mexico City – Mexico

Mexico City is perfect for October. The rainy season tends to end in September, so October is a perfect month to visit Mexico. The sun will be shining, the temperature will be around 25 (°C) and the city will come back to life with a bunch of events to attend.

Mexico City has an incredibly rich history. You should go there to visit the Zócalo and the largest public square in Latin America that lays there. The history of this square goes all the way back to the Aztecs. So why not visit an area which was once upon a time an Aztec capital – Tenochtitlan.

Marrakesh – Morocco

Now, this is where you can go for some real sun in October. The weather is about 28 (°C) on average and you can book luxury accommodation for about $5 dollars per night

Marrakesh is great for food and spice markets and bathhouses where you can enjoy a sauna, a massage, an ice-cold pool or all of the above. Make sure to try their B’stilla – a treat made out of layers of paper-thin pastry and traditionally stuffed with almonds or pigeon meat…I know. Most importantly, stay open-minded and take in as much of the culture as you can, you will not regret it.

Istanbul – Turkey

If you struggle with heat but still want to enjoy some middle eastern food and sunshine – head to Istanbul this October. The temperature is on average 20 (°C) and the sun is beaming. Istanbul has no less culture than the Aztec Mexico City. You can learn about the Ottoman Empire by visiting Topkapı or Dolmabahçe Palaces or pay a visit to one of the new Istanbul concept stores (yes, the hipster culture did not toddle past Turkey either).

Indulge in having some traditional Turkish meals in the sun too. Try the authentic Doner Kebab, a “Turkish Pizza” – Lahmacun, or Pide which is boat-shaped dough filled with various toppings from mince to spinach and eggs, or the famous Turkish coffee.

Wherever you decide to go this October, most importantly go. Relax, make memories and take a break from your continuously busy lives. We are here exactly for that! Redeem your Flightgift via our booking engine today to catch some sun this Autumn.

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