5 ideas for a thoughtful Christmas gift

November 11th, 2020

With December around the corner, most of us get our hearts racing. If it’s not the excitement about Christmas, it’s the stress for finding the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas is all about family, warmth and togetherness. What better present is there than giving something in that same spirit? In our last blog about the psychology of gifting experiences, we discussed the added value of giving something that creates memories. A thoughtful gift will make the receiver feel special, you a hero, and your connection with each other stronger.

Except from some rare gift gurus, most of us know the struggle of finding a worthy Christmas gift. With the theory of thoughtful gifting in mind, we have created 5 ideas to get you started on surprising your loved ones with the perfect Christmas gift! 

1. Make something yourself

Also known as DIY. The first thing that comes to mind for some of us when hearing the word DIY is crafting. This is of course a great idea, but for the less creative (dare we say “clumsy”?) among us, there are some other fun options. What about baking those favorite cookies of yours that everyone always talks about? Make a batch and put them in a nice (crafted) jar. Fun and delicious! Another idea is to make a photo book. This might sound cheesy, but you can make it creative by adding a theme to it. Do you have a gallery full of funny faces with you and your sister? Or is your partner obsessed with taking selfies with the cat? Print them all out, put them in a photo book and add funny quotes to it. This also gives the family something to laugh about.

2. Use your writing skills

This is maybe not something that comes to mind when giving a present, but sharing your thoughts about someone you love can be a wonderful gift. In the Netherlands there is a holiday called ‘Sinterklaas’. It is quite similar to Santaclaus: an old man with a long white beard who hands out presents. There is only one extra gift that they get: a handwritten poem about the receiver. It can be about whatever you want, from funny experiences that you share to something you love about  their personality. Funny, serious, rhyming or not: the sky’s the limit. Pick up that pencil and show the love!

3. Give an experience

The champion among presents. Even if it’s not something that can be used right away, it will definitely be the most memorable Christmas gift that you can give. Experiences will be a lifetime memory and are proven to be a better present than material ones. It’s not something that will be tossed in the corner after a few weeks, but will bring a smile every time  they think about it. That is exactly  our aim at Experiencegift. Create experiences, freedom and memories by giving a gift card of your choice.

To make the giving part a great memory as well, Experiencegift has created a beautiful gifting card that can be personalised and will be sent directly to your home. This way there is also something to lay under the Christmas tree! Are you a last minute decider? No problem, you can also receive a printout version within a matter of minutes.

Give a Flightgift or Hotelgift for Christmas


4. Give to others

Does your  recipient rather give to others? There are some great opportunities to make a donation to a charity that is close to your loved one’s heart. You can make this gift more personal by crafting a card and wrapping it up nicely.

At Experiencegift we also believe that giving back to society and the environment is our duty. That’s why we have teamed up with Made Blue and Eden Forestation Projects. For every gift sold, we make a donation to one of our causes. When you buy a gift at Flightgift or Hotelgift, you get to decide which project you want to support. A gift for your receiver and society!

5. The ‘want, need, wear, read’ tradition

This is an old tradition for giving Christmas gifts. It’s a great way to prevent an overload of Christmas presents and it makes the giving part a fun experience. The concept is to give four gifts, based on something that your loved one wants, needs, wears and reads. Some examples are:

Want: a scented candle

Need: a new wallet

Wear: a sweater

Read: a magazine

This makes the gifts considerate and diversified. 


Did we get your creative juices flowing? Go ahead and start preparing for Christmas! And don’t forget to enjoy the whole experience.

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