5 Feel Good Foods to Take on a Plane

May 31st, 2018

Whether flying for business or pleasure – the deal is always the same when it comes to long haul. Red eyes, lack of sleep, major dehydration, and one too many wines to get you through the turbulence. All these things take a toll on the body leaving you wobbly on your feet, dazed, confused and jet lagged at the other side.

It’s no surprise that airplane meals do little to help. Often indistinguishable in their foil cartons, brimming with salt, and far from appealing. Next time you cash in your Flightgiftard, we also suggest loading up your hand luggage with these glorious goodies to eat on board…

Quinoa Salad

A real meal you can enjoy at thirty thousand feet without the need to succumb to tasteless starchy pasta. The quinoa salad is a lifesaver. Quinoa is brimming with that much needed protein to stop you going into a physical and mental slump and adding tomatoes and cucumbers will not only keep you hydrated but will keep your vitamin level boosted. Quinoa is also jam packed with iron and fiber which helps to combat altitude sickness.

Crumble in some feta or goats cheese to make it even more filling and add a few dark and delirious olives. As it’s also a gluten free option you also don’t need to worry about mid flight bloat.


So simple, so humble, and so good for you when you are mid-flight and feeling those muscle cramps. Bananas are an amazingly easy to turn to snack. Bananas are also chock full of potassium and magnesium and have even been used to help heal sleep disorders in the past – the perfect edible remedy for when you want to get some shut eye on your transatlantic flight.

Homemade Granola Bars

Skip the stomach churning coffee and pale eggs on a morning flight in favor of a healthy homemade granola bar. If you cram them full of oats, dried fruits, seeds and nuts your body is sure to thank you. Dried fruits are helpful for staying hydrated, nuts give you that long burning energy, and the fiber content is also fabulous. Stashing homemade granola bars in your bag on your next flight voucher vacation will ensure you don’t join the hangry mile high club. Also, parents traveling with children – these are your golden ticket.

Hydrating Smoothie

Give your body the greatest gift of all and shake yourself a nurturing smoothie before stepping on board. you can put just about anything in a blender and make a delicious drinkable concoction to keep you in tip top shape. Coconut water is a great base for any mid-flight smoothie as it is full of electrolytes which works wonders for keeping your body well hydrated. Ginger is amazing for boosting oxygen and keeping your immune system high, so you don’t feel drained post flight. Avocado reduces the impact of radiation which frequent flyers may want to think about, and green tea is a super anti-oxidant that helps protect your cells from being damaged.

Crackers and Peanut Butter

When cruising through the clouds it turns out one of our only tastes that doesn’t suffer the effect is the umami taste. This is why we crave salty foods. Rather than turn to the unhealthy snacks often served on flights – think ahead and pack some crackers. To boost both the flavor sensation and nutritional count we also suggest packing a small jar of peanut butter as long as your airline will let it pass through security. Peanut butter is another gem for keeping energy levels up and as its whipped up from what nutritionist’s call ‘the good fat’ it keeps you feeling full without the worry.

Remember the golden rules of flying with food; don’t offend your neighbor with strong scents, consider messiness and ease of eating, and swap out sluggish carbs for small healthy meals and snacks.

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