Amsterdam Do's From the Flightgift Team

May 16th, 2019
Amsterdam is a wonderful city with an abundance of things to do. As Amsterdam locals, the Flightgift team are here to give you some tips on what their favourite things to do in Amsterdam are.

One of them is visiting the amazing museums that Amsterdam has. It’s a city with a fascinating, rich history and so paying a visit to some museums and galleries around is an absolute must if you want to get to know the real Amsterdam.

“My favourite thing to do in Amsterdam is visit the Rijksmuseum and read all the signs at my own pace to really take in Amsterdam’s wonderful past”

– Jorik

Get on the boat and cruise around Amsterdam’s canals

When you see Amsterdam from the boat it’s as if you’re exploring a whole new city. Even on a cold day you can find a boat with some heaters and enjoy the beautiful reflection of the bridge and street lights in the water.

“Take a boat trip through the canals! The city is beautiful from the water and on a sunny day you feel like you’re on a holiday”

– Loes

Get on the bike

Seeing a city on a bike is another great way to really enjoy it. You will quickly understand why locals love cycling around so much!

“My favourite thing to do in Amsetrdam is riding my bike, exploring the city and enjoying the beauty of the city. It gives me a sense of freedom, pleasure and it’s also great exercise for your body.”

– Goerge

Go to a park

Amsterdam has more parks and green spaces than a lot of European cities. Locals greatly appreciate the life-work balance and ensure to take some time to relax in nature with their loved ones or by themselves, whenever they get a chance.

“Relax at the park when it’s sunny!! Enjoy the greenery, the sun and rest your eyes. Since there is no sea, for views the best places are parks and the canals”

– Thalia

Watch the sunset by the canal

Amsterdam is a busy and a lively city with a lot going on all the time. So if you want to catch a breather away from the noise, find yourself a nice bench by the canal, tucked away from the city buzz.

“Enjoy the view of the canals before the sunset because everything around is peaceful, but there is a vivid feeling in the air when the sky is orange-purple and there is a slightly cold air.”

– Theo

Explore Amsterdam by foot

Feeling to stretch your legs? Skip the bike and take a stroll through the city. Luckily Amsterdam is big enough to have an abundance of things to do but small enough to explore it walking.

“When you walk through Amsterdam you will notice small corners, streets and stores that would skip your sight when you’re cycling around. You will pay more attention to the sounds, smells and people walking by, which will really let you take the magic of the city in”

– Kate

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