Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations for 2023

April 5th, 2023

Looking for inspiration for your summer holiday in 2023? We present you the top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations for 2023 for an unforgettable holiday. Get your passport ready and embark on a trip to the sun!

Which must-see destinations are you going to love this summer? Whether you’re more into sandy beaches and cocktails or cultural visits and city-trips, we’re sure you’ll have a dream holiday!

  • Rome, Italy
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Athens, Greece

Why should you visit these must-see destinations of 2023?

Rome in Italy

Rome in Italy

All roads lead to Rome! Rome is a must-visit destination this summer to experience la dolce vita and be at the heart of breathtaking cultural and archaeological wealth.

Why Rome?

The capital of Italy, you’ll never be bored in Rome, as there’s so much to see. Between the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Vatican City, Rome is the city that never sleeps. During the day, wander the narrow streets to discover the beautiful places, and at night, go out to the trendy bars and clubs of the city.

You’ll find our exclusive article on Rome and our best addresses on our blog.

For who?

This destination is ideal for young couples and groups of friends! But also for those who love city trips and cities rich in history. Indeed, the advantage of Rome is its multiple facets.

How to get to Rome?

You can reach the Italian capital with our direct flights from most UK airports in less than three hours. You will find many flights on our booking system.

Lisbon in Portugal


The Portuguese capital has many assets and is well worth a visit this summer. With a rich and varied cultural heritage, but also natural and a festive atmosphere, Lisbon is a 2023 destination not to be missed.

What to do in Lisbon?

There are so many things to do in Lisbon for all tastes and budgets, but here is the best of Lisbon:

  • Visit the Sao Jorge castle for a 360-degree view of the whole city: an exceptional panorama of Lisbon.
  • The carmo church for its mannerist and baroque architecture.
  • The botanical garden of Belem to recharge your batteries
  • Take a boat trip on the Tagus.
  • Taste the famous Pastéis of the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém
  • Go to the best bars in the city

Where to stay in Lisbon?

For a luxury hotel stay, we recommend Palacete Chafariz Del Rei. This 5-star hotel in the centre of Lisbon is the ideal place for a peaceful stay.

For a budget stay: Inn Rosio is a perfect option for visiting all the must-see sites in Lisbon.

For who?

Passionate about history, good wine and sun? Then you can book your tickets to Lisbon. Close to the UK, this destination is a good compromise between cultural visit and fun. It is also a whimsical destination for a romantic holiday.

Dubai in the United Emirates


The city of excess, luxury, and also with great charm, especially its old town, its souks and old districts. Dubai attracts thousands of tourists every year and it is not for nothing that it is one of the favourite destinations of the British.

Why Dubai?

  • For its sunshine and warm temperatures. Plus, everywhere is air-conditioned, so it’s not a problem to visit the city in summer.
  • To see futuristic and exceptional monuments and especially the Burj Khalifa.
  • To be at the gateway to the desert and experience an unforgettable moment on a camel.
  • For its shopping. Shopping fans will be more than delighted in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai

We recommend a desert safari with dinner in the golden dunes. You will witness a splendid sunset and enjoy the silence and tranquility that surrounds you. The barbecue dinner will be served in a torch-lit setting, creating the perfect atmosphere with Arabic music under a starry sky.

Discover and enjoy Dubai Parks and Resorts with the best attractions from Dubai’s top theme parks. With three theme parks and a water park, this visit will be a thrilling experience like no other.

Take to the skies with tickets to the Burj Khalifa. With the superfast lifts, access the 124th and 125th floors and enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree experience of Dubai.

For who?

Dubai is a suitable destination for families with children. Many attractions are toddler friendly and hotels are keen to make your trip magical with plenty of facilities. It is also an ideal travel destination for solo travellers. Everyone has fun in Dubai.

Dublin in Ireland


More northern than Dubai certainly, but just as pretty, the Irish capital awaits you for this summer 2023! This city is on the small side compared to other capital cities, but arguably has more fun packed in per capita, making it a top destination for a city-trip holiday.

What to do in Dublin?

  • Check out Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university, founded in 1592. If you want to see the library and the 1,200-year-old Book of Kells, we recommend booking your tickets in advance on our Activitygift website. There are almost 4.5 million books in the library.
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions. It is the largest cathedral in Ireland and was built in 1220 and 1260.
  • Grafton Street if you want to bring back souvenirs from Dublin is a great place to go. With many shops, street performers, bars and restaurants, this is a lively street.
  • Visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art and see its impressive exhibitions. There are many workshops on offer with fun and stimulating experiments in modern art, perfect for a family afternoon.

How to get to Dublin?

Getting to Dublin couldn’t be easier. Many airlines offer direct flights at low prices from major French cities, but also European ones. You can consult our Flightgift booking system if you have a gift card for a plane ticket to find the flight that matches your desires.

Dublin is full of places to stay, from budget hotels to luxury hotels to bed & breakfasts, there is no shortage of choice.

Where to stay in Dublin?

Here are the areas as the best places to stay in Dublin:

  • O’Connell Street is a perfect location for a visit to Dublin.
  • Temple Bar is a great area to go out to the pubs with your friends.
  • St Stephen’s Green is a great place to stay, away from the touristy Dublin area and more suitable for families.

Athens in Greece


We know Athens well and enjoy it very much. The oldest capital in Europe, Athens is your next travel destination if you don’t know where to go. Discover the heart of ancient Greek civilization!

Why visit Athens?

There are a thousand reasons to visit Athens, but it would be a bit too long to list them all, so here are 5:

  • To explore archaeological sites such as the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon or the Erechtheion.
  • To visit cultural museums such as the National Archaeological Museum, the Herakleidon Museum, dedicated to the Dutch artist M. C. Escher and the Benaki Museum for its various exhibitions on ancient Greek art.
  • To enjoy the nightlife, the many cocktail bars and the exceptional sunsets from the Acropolis.
  • For an unforgettable culinary experience, from moussaka to halva.

Practical info for Athens

The Greek capital is one hour ahead of the UK as it is on the Greenwich meridian, GMT+2.

The official language is Greek. Here are essential words when travelling:

Hello: Kalimèra.
Good evening: Kalispèra.
Hello: Ya sou / Ya sas (plural)
How are you? How are you: Ti kaneis?
Good: Kala.
Yes : Né
No: Ohi.
Thank you: Efkaristo.
Please / you are welcome: Parakalo

But don’t worry, you can also communicate in English!

Don’t forget sun cream, your hat and sandals in your suitcase and you are ready to explore the country.

How do I get to Greece?

There are many options available to you. With Flightgift, you can fly from multiple airports in the UK, but also from abroad. By booking two to three months in advance, you are sure to find the best prices for direct flights.

  • For example, a flight from Paris to Athens takes an average of 3 hours 10 minutes
  • London to Athens: 3 hours 40 minutes
  • Barcelona – Athens 2 hours 50 minutes

Athens is therefore within easy reach!

So which destinations will you choose this summer? Rather a seaside destination, or a city-trip? Your 2023 holidays will be exceptional.

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