Delayed Flight; Make the Most of It

The blinking board bearing that dreaded word can turn a happy holiday into a hair pulling, gut sinking malady – delays, everyone hates them. No matter how many flight vouchers who have stuffed in your back pocket you can’t always make your flight run on time. Rather than sliding into a pit of despair, counting the hours, and sipping tepid weak coffee at the airport, here’s how to make the most of that extra time on your hands…

Buy a Lounge Pass

If you aren’t lucky or loaded enough to have a first-class ticket clutched in your velvet gloved hands then now may be the time to purchase a lounge pass. Many airports have day passes for the lounge area, a place brimming with fast Wi-Fi, hot showers, free drinks and a good assortment of snacks usually. Prices can vary, and some may kick you out after a few hours, but it can be worth it for a few hours of peace, serenity, fine wine and fruit platters – especially if you are feeling harried about being delayed in the first place.

Treat Yourself

From massage chairs to an actual sit-down meal; airports are pricey places but when you have a flight voucher in your pocket you will have saved money from the get go. Use that extra cash to splurge on something small that will mend the fraying corners of your patience. Instead of grabbing a sandwich to go, find a restaurant and sit down to dinner and wine. Hop onto a massage table or even just head into the bookstore and purchase a bestseller. Delays are hard, be kind to yourself and choose something to lift your mood.

Learn a Language

Everyone has smart phones these days and if you are headed out on your holiday this could be a great chance to brush up on your language skills. Language apps like Duolingo or online phrase books are perfect for learning a few choice words and phrases. No matter how limited your language skills are, you can be sure that locals will react beautifully to the fact that you are making a concerted effort, and you will also land with a little extra confidence boost at knowing how to say simple things like thank-you, yes, no and please.

Visit Sleeping at Airports

While you are waiting for your flight to finally get off the ground, be sure to check out the website This website is a comprehensive guide to over 1200 airports across the world, so you can be sure that wherever you are heading with your flight voucher, they will have a guide to your airport on the site. Stuffed full of handy hints this site will tell you the best places to sleep soundly in each airport. Along with notes on napping, you can also find out where the showers are located, what the Wi-Fi is like, which restaurants are the best, which lounge passes are available, and which hotels are close by should you decide to give up on waiting around.

Know your Rights

Long winded delays may not be all doom and gloom, and for those passengers whose plans are well and truly disrupted you could be entitled to some form of compensation. Those flying to or from an EU airport are entitled to the same rights as if their flight had been cancelled if the delay is more than three hours – if the delay isn’t caused by weather or circumstances out of the airlines control. Knowing your rights will remove a lot of the stress from your delay and can even ensure you get food, accommodation and a brand-new flight sorted in seconds.

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