5 destinations reinventing tourism for your summer holiday

July 7th, 2020
Pack your suitcase and fasten your seatbelt. We’re travelling again.
Except, your summer holiday destination may look a little different this year as some tourist attractions use creative methods to guarantee the health of holiday-makers.  

Creating distance, safe spaces and disinfectant are top of the list this year for holiday necessities. In a world that’s more germaphobic than ever before, innovation is the key to ensuring that our favourite holiday activities are possible. Most importantly, sipping cocktails on the beach, admiring famous landmarks and trying the local cuisine is still on the cards this summer. Sometimes with the addition of colourful headwear! 


  1. The device of Il Duomo 

Florence’s Duomo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. It boasts an intricate exterior, its dome built by Brunelleschi and its bell tower designed by Giotto. 

To ensure visitors can explore its wonders safely, the Duomo has introduced a device that will alert when a range of 2 meters distance is breached. The gadget is to be worn around the neck and will beep softly, vibrate and flash to encourage safe gaps between tourists. 

The Cathedral will supply the devices to visitors for free and will disinfect them after each use.  

Il Duomo summer holiday Flightgift

Photo: Elissar Haidar

  1. Santorini’s plexiglass protection 

Greece has lost its usual tourist influx this year. However, Charlie Chahine, owner of Santorini beach bar ‘Demilmar’ has come up with a bold solution to attract tourists again. 

Located in Perissa at the famous black sand beach, the beach bar has built plexiglass barriers around sun loungers to discourage close interaction with others. 

A trip to the beach will look different this year, as sun-seekers lie surrounded by plexiglass almost 2 meters high. The protective barrier covers three sides of the sunbeds but leaves the view towards the sea unspoilt. 

A private beach area with a clear view of the sea and a beach bar? Yes, please! 

Santorini summer holiday Flightgift

Photo: Siang Teo

  1. Visit a terrace, but make it fashion 

Have you ever wanted to visit a sunny terrace with your favourite swimming pool accessory? 

Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in the northeast of Germany is providing customers with hats fashioned out of swimming pool floats that measured 1.5 meters in length. 

We know what we’ll be ordering— a sandwich please waiter, with a side of your finest swimming pool fashion. 

German cafe summer holiday Flightgift

Photo: Cafe & Konditorei Rothe Facebook page

  1. A luxury beach bubble in the Maldives 

A hotel in the Maldives is offering the perfect luxury getaway accommodation, providing privacy in a spectacular beach-front setting. 

Guests will be able to spend a night in Finolhu’s beach bubble guest room. Located on a private sandbank, it offers the ultimate feel of exclusivity in a tropical paradise. 

While this original beach hut hasn’t been made primarily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is proving to be an ideal solution for concerning travellers wanting to enjoy a night under the stars. 

This forward-thinking design offers all of the usual comforts of a hotel suite, with an inbuilt double bedroom, bathroom and the promise of an incredible view. 

Santorini summer holiday Flightgift

Photo: Luxurylaunches.com

  1. Dine in a greenhouse 

Waterside views, intimate space and contactless dining, it can only be Mediamatic’s greenhouse concept. 

This unusual concept in Amsterdam is primarily a socially-distanced dining experience. 

Staff use long planks of wood as tools for serving, and personnel also wear face shields as additional protective equipment. Guests can expect to dine on a four-course, plant-based menu. 

Just two people fit inside the cosy greenhouse and sit opposite each other. Located right on the canal, glass panels offer a stunning view of a classic Amsterdam sunset for a romantic- and safe- evening to remember. 

Mediamatic summer holiday Flightgift

Photo: Willem Velthoven / Anne Lakeman for Mediamatic Amsterdam.

Our tips for your summer holiday in 2020? 

  • Travel safely
  • Support the tourism industry and fellow travellers
  • Buy flights as a gift for someone special to enjoy here

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