Things You Must Pack for Your Next Flight

March 14th, 2019
Every single time we travel we go through our cabin bag, checking the passport, boarding passes, phone, charger and what else…

Aside from everything you need to actually board the plane, here are some things you should bring with you to make your experience much better.


Vaseline is great for many things. The aircon is on the whole time during your flight which can dry out your lips. Use some vaseline to avoid painful cracks. In case your fingers swell up due to the drop in air pressure, you can use it to get your rings off too. You can also use it as a makeup remover too. Or you can put it on small cuts you may get while boarding and dragging your suitcases around to protect the cut before you get access to some plasters or antiseptic.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Imagine how many people have touched the foldable table in front of you or your seat for that matter… Planes don’t get cleaned too thoroughly in between flights so bring some wipes with you. Use them to your hands with before you eat or drink anything to avoid a chance of getting ill.

Empty Reusable Water Bottle

There are water fountains dotted around pretty much every airport. Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid having to buy expensive airport water bottles. Plus you will be helping the environment too!

Some Nuts and Fruits

Bring some healthy and satisfying snacks with you on the plane. The snacks on the plane are pricey and are often limited to chocolate bars and crisps. Plane journeys can be tough on your digestion so ensure you feel good by bringing feel-good food with you!

Speaking of Indigestion – Renne

Long-haul flights normally offer meals to the passengers. However, with some of us with a sensitive stomach, plane food may not agree. It is always best to carry some indigestion relief tablets to avoid having tummy ache throughout your whole flight.

Tiger Balm

This is great for sore muscles. Rub it gently on the areas that might bother you to have a pain free, relaxing flight. If you get a headache throughout the flight, you can also apply it to your temples to relieve the pain and be able to rest during your trip.

Just these small and simple items can make your experience much more relaxing. Bring them and let us know if it made your experience better!