Top European Cities With the Best Quality of Life

January 24th, 2019
Thinking about relocating? Or perhaps you just want to sass out the city before you do? Or maybe you just want to visit a city where citizens live their best life?

Below you can find top 5 cities with the best quality of life ranked by Far & Wide:

5 Geneva (world ranking 14)

What is so special about it? It is incredibly full of culture, it’s surrounded by the beautiful Alps, it’s clean and very safe. It is home to some of the most well-known chocolate producers (could this be the secret?) and filled with historical buildings. Visit of the many theatres, museum and CERN – a nuclear testing centre. You are bound to leave enriched with new knowledge.

4 Frankfurt (world ranking 12)

Frankfurt is a perfect balance of skyscrapers and little German houses that make you feel cosy and warm inside by just having a glance at them. It is known as the Business Capital of Germany but it also has an incredibly rich art, museum and culture scene. We suppose it is all about balance after all…

P.S. It also has a very impressive airport so you definitely will enjoy your travel experience there.

3 Zurich (world ranking 11)

Switzerland does it again! It seems like anywhere in Switzerland you go, excellent quality of life is guaranteed. However, what makes Zurich special are its medieval centre and amazing eating and drinking culture. Enjoy some sausages and a beer while gazing at the breathtaking mountains.

2 Copenhagen (world ranking 9)

So basically wherever has a good quality of life sadly cannot be a beach city. Sorry beach bums at heart, you can’t have it all! While beer will cost you EUR 10, that “hygge” feeling will be completely worth it! It has the world’s oldest theme park, the famous Little Mermaid Sculpture and oriental Tivoli gardens. The active bike based lifestyle locals choose to live there will also give you that feel good feeling. Not to mention that Copenhagen is also a great night out.

1 Vienna (world ranking 1)

This isn’t the first time Vienna has taken the 1st place as the world’s best city for its quality of life. It got rated 100% in factors such as Stability, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure. It has a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire, a social culture, colourful house and beautiful views. All you really need to live contently.