Lisbon Insights from Flightgift

April 25th, 2019
Last week Flightgift team took a trip to Lisbon. We have to say, it is an incredible city, so rich in culture and history. We wanted to make sure that when you go there you have a great time too, so we have gathered some of the Lisbon insights for you all tested on ourselves.

Stay – Sana Lisboa

We stayed in Sana Lisboa which turned out to be a wonderful hotel. With such friendly and helpful staff, great rooms and a walking distance to the city centre, we cannot recommend it enough!

See and Do

We didn’t know where to start exploring Lisbon, but we did know that we wanted to have an authentic experience, go off the beaten track and learn more about the actual culture and life of Lisboans. This is why we booked a bike tour with Thomas. He was such a nice and insightful guide and we felt like we definitely learned a whole lot more than we would have taking a classic walking tour of Lisbon.



Belém is a must to explore! See the beautiful Jerónimos Monastery and The Tower of Belém. If you want to visit the tower, be aware of the long queues!


Alfama is just amazing to walk around. It’s a neighbourhood right in the city centre of Lisbon. Be prepared for a leg workout as you constantly walk up and down the hilly roads of the city. Here you can walk your way up towards the port and get an amazing view of multicoloured Portuguese houses.

Eat and Drink

There are countless amazing food and drink spots in Lisbon. We chose some of the most memorable ones with great food and atmosphere.

Restaurante A Cisterna

This place was a little hard to find. It was located near the hotel, upstairs from the not so flashy looking cafe. While the first impression was somewhat mixed, our opinions were definitely turned around in an instant. This family-owned cafe/restaurant had the most incredible hosts. They took their time explaining all the dishes, were very warm and welcoming and served amazing food. It really goes to show how much people are what makes a restaurant a good one.

A Nossa Casa

Now this place stole the show. It ranks #2 in Lisbon and it is very evident why. They serve small plated of Portuguese inspired dishes made from local ingredients that are perfect for sharing and delicious local Lisbon wine. All of us are still dreaming of that place. A lovely couple owns and runs it, and they do it incredibly well. The atmosphere there is so cosy. It feels like you are visiting a friend for dinner. This place is a must for everyone!

Taberna Portuguesa

Another great place for small dishes to share is Taberna Portuguesa. You will find it in the Alfama area. It also doesn’t instantly catch the eye but the food there speaks for itself. Go here if you want to try true traditional Portuguese tapas. A small tip – it isn’t very veggie friendly so be aware of that.

Timeout Food Hall

Once we stepped in there, it was evident why this food hall is one of the most famous in the world. It was an abundance of food stalls to try dishes from. You will find anything you can think of there including locally sourced seafood, burgers and pizzas and even ramen. We did, however, find it a little too hectic. It was (and we can only assume is always) busy so you don’t have your meal in a relaxed setting as such.

Pastel de Nata – Manteigaria

Don’t be fooled by advertising. The best pastel de nata you will have in Lisbon is from Mantigaria. This was another great tip from our bike tour guide Thomas. The creamiest custard tart with a sprinkle of cinnamon is all you need to top up the amazing Portuguese tapas.

Cinco lounge

This place is a great cocktail bar. It’s small and cosy, but the size of the venue does not match up the size of the cocktail menu. If you have a hard time choosing what to drink, be prepared to spend a while going through all the possible options. This bar is great for a post-dinner cocktail or a drink before a night out.

Now we want you to see it for yourself so go redeem your Flightgift for a trip to Lisbon. You will not regret it!

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