Your Perfect Weekend in Rome. Complete Guide

June 20th, 2019
So you have a couple of days to spend in Rome. Want to make your weekend there perfect? Read our Rome weekend guide to know what to do, where to stay and eat in this beautiful Italian city.
What to do
Visit the Colosseum

Typical or not, if you only have 2 days in Rome, you have to pay a visit to the Colosseum. This Roman landmark is really impressive when you see it in person. Once home to the gladiatorial battles with thousands of viewers, Colosseum is now visited by thousands of people from all around the world. Make sure to buy a ticket online to minimise your queueing times and book a guided tour if you want to learn a little more about this famous attraction.

Take a trip to the Trevi Fountain

Make a wish and throw a coin into the most famous fountain in the world. Admire this beautiful Baroque installation, tucked away in the cosy streets of Rome. The best part is that it looks equally stunning at any time of the day.

Visit the Vatican City

Vatican City is a must see in Rome. Sistine Chapel is truly breathtaking. You do have to set quite some time aside for this part of the city as there is a lot to see and do there. Do try to avoid it on a Sunday, however, as it gets very busy then.

Where to stay
Top of the game – Palazzo Manfredi 

This gorgeous hotel can be booked via Hotelgift’s booking engine. It is beautifully designed and located right next to the Colosseum too. You will find yourself staying on the very spot where the gladiator barracks used to be but in much more luxury and comfort.

Mid Range – Urban Garden Hotel

Another hotel you can book with our amazing sister brand is the Urban Garden Hotel. This hotel is located North-East of the city with easy access to the city centre. Enjoy a bit of greenery in the city but tucked away from the tourist crowds.

Won’t Break the Bank – Hotel Santa Prisca

This hotel only steps away from the Colosseum and across the bridge from the St Mary’s Cathedral in Trastevere. It’s definitely budget friendly but that doesn’t compromise the level of service and comfort you will get. This hotel is rated highly by the visitors and has a real authentic Italian feel to it.

Where to eat
The Supplì

Before you scoff your long-awaited Italian pizza, locals recommend you start with Supplì. Supplì are basically a gourmet version of arancini balls. At Supplizio you can taste a variety of these deep-fried balls of goodness. You can go for a classic one which made out of rice, giblets, tomato, mozzarella and parmesan or challenge your taste buds to a Burro e acciughe which is filled with rice, mozzarella, butter and anchovies.

True Roman Pizza

Roman pizza is not exactly the thin crust, rounded dough with tomato sauce and mozzarella on top you imagine right away. In fact, true Roman pizza somewhat resembles focaccia. At Pizzarium you will be able to try an amazing variety of those exact Roman pizzas. Some come with simple pairings such as tomato sauce and rosemary and some are topped with figs, parmesan and pumpkin cream. Which one would you go for?

And Then Comes Carbonara

What’s a visit to Rome without fresh Italian pasta? Roscioli in Rome is famous for its mouth-watering Carbonara. In fact, many even call it the best carbonara in the world. No wonder it has quickly become an Instagram sensation. Just look at this…

Experimental Gelato

Do gelato an authentic Italian way and try some of Claudio Torcè’s experimental gelato flavours. Some of his famous ones include celery, gorgonzola and habanero chilli. He uses only natural ingredients to create exquisite flavour palettes for his customers. They have also switched to fructose from sugar and offer lactose-free options and gluten-free cones.

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