Skip Amsterdam. These are the places in the Netherlands you should go to instead!

No, don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with Amsterdam. We are based there, we love it, it’s great. However, there are so many amazing towns and cities in the Netherlands that are also worth seeing.
The Hague

Visit The Hague for museums. The Hague is a little like Amsterdam meets Notting Hill. The Dutch parliament is located there, and you will find some of the best museums in the Netherlands there. These include the Mauritshuis, Esher in the Palace, The Hague Museum of Photography and many more.


Visit Alkmaar for…cheese! You will find the best traditional cheese market there on Friday mornings between April and September. You can also visit the Cheese Museum to find out all about the history of your favourite food. Once you’ve had enough of cheese, you can check out some more museums and beautiful architecture of the city.


Visit Lisse for Tulips. In Lisse, you will find an array of tulips in every colour you can imagine. While the whole country has displays of these flowers, Lisse is the place to be to really enjoy the show. Make sure to visit Lisse between March and May during the tulip blooming season, otherwise, you might be disappointed you miss this display of field and fields of colour.


Visit Utrecht to eat and on the canal side. Utrecht city centre has a great atmosphere for hanging out with friends. It has many great bars and restaurants you can go to, to have some great food sitting right by the canal (hopefully in the sun too). Utrecht is considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Aside from eating and drinking you can visit the medieval Castle De Haar or climb up 465 steps up the Dom Tower of Utrecht for a nice view of the city.


Visit Eindhoven for technology and design. While this city is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, it is a leader in technology and design. If you like modern art, you should pay a visit to the Van Abbemuseum. You can find the STRP festival, which is a 10-day event showcasing technological perspectives, putting on performances and hosting lectures and discussions. Eindhoven is also home to great vintage shops and some of the best breakfast cafes in the country.




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