Sustainable Travel Tips and Tricks

A short guide on how to travel the world and enjoy yourself, while looking after the planet at the same time. Yes, you can really do both!

Say No To Plastic

Recently, the awareness about how much non-recycled plastic pollutes the ocean has been increasing more and more. In fact, about 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean manually. To put it into perspective – every minute one garbage truck plastic is dumped into the oceans. The prediction is by 2050 there will be more plastic in the water than fish. Sounds awful, we know, but you can help!

Start small by taking reusable Tupperware and water bottles with you, reusable sandwich and snack bags. Even small changes in our behaviour like these make a huge difference to the overall problem. If you want to help more, while you’re travelling you can join beach cleans. They are organised pretty much everywhere at the moment, and if when they are not, you can plan your own. You definitely won’t have any trouble finding a team to assist you with that.

Holiday Shop Sustainably

The most sustainable way to shop if of course, paying a tribute to the items you already have. The one-time outfit culture is no more. We are proud to say that today’s generation is all about embracing the minimalist lifestyle and repairing and recycling your existing wardrobe items.

If you do feel like refreshing your selection before your holiday, if possible, try to do so by purchasing from sustainable brands. Fitness influencers like Zanna van Dijk are all over sustainable lifestyle and fashion. Not only can you learn so much information about the current environmental issues but you will soon be able to purchase her own ethical swimwear collection.  This incredible and inspiring woman takes plastic recycling to another level. Her entire swimwear Stay Wild Swim line is made out of recycled ocean plastic. So it’s not only an amazingly sustainable way to shop for your holidays but oh my does the collection look good too!

Support the Locals

If you are looking to bring home some traditional sombreros from Mexico or some authentic purses and coffee from Costa Rica, ensure you don’t just buy products made in China which were imported into the country you’re in due to the cheaper production costs. It is always better to spend an insignificant amount more, but make a significant difference to the local villages and local villager craftsmen. That way, you won’t just have a truly authentic souvenir but you will support local communities.

Green Hotels

As we mentioned on our Hotelgift blog, staying in a green hotel does not mean you need to compromise comfort. Many hotels now offer you a luxury experience while contributing to sustainable travel. To make sure your hotel pays its dues, look out for a LEED Certification. This means that it has technology accommodating for water and energy savings, indoor environmental quality and sustainable site development.

Eat Locally

For similar reasons to ones mentioned above, it is better to eat locally produced food when you’re travelling. This way you can consume only the seasonal, fresh produce which is great for your health. You will also eliminate the use of plastic packaging used for transporting goods and show support to local farmers and communities by purchasing food from the farmers’ markets. As an added benefit, you will be able to learn more about the local culture and customs by eating what locals actually eat there too.

We are extremely passionate about sustainable travel and we hope you are too! So do book your next trip on but don’t forget the great responsibility that comes with great travelling opportunities.
Travel mindfully.
Love, Flightgift.

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