Travel Reading Edition. Long Haul Flight Food For Thought.

If you are travelling this weekend, you will probably be stuck on a flight, with blocked ears and a little bored of reading the emergency exit tutorial or a travel magazine over and over again.

We want to make your flight more pleasant. Take this book with you to occupy you throughout your flight and give you a serious wanderlust case.

This week we would love to suggest you – Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.

“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” 

The book

If you haven’t heard of this book before, this classic should definitely be the first on your reading list. This book is an expanded story about Chris McCandless – an American hiker and traveller under the name Alexander Supertramp.

Prior to writing this book, John Krakauer wrote a story for the “Outside” magazine in 1993. Readers have then picked up this story, keen to learn more, so Krakauer ended up writing a based-on-the-true-story novel about Christopher McCandless and his story.

Chris McCandless, a huge fan of Jack London’s novels, decided to drop out of college to go to Alaska. Bringing along just a book about wildflowers, rice, a rifle and a camera, McCandless sets off on his journey.

The thoughts

“We like companionship, see, but we can’t stand to be around people for very long. So we go get ourselves lost, come back for a while, then get the hell out again.” 

This book truly is beautiful. This book explores the ideas of the difference in world outlook between generations, relationships with family, relationships with the world around you, loneliness and companionship.

“It is true that I miss intelligent companionship, but there are so few with whom I can share the things that mean so much to me that I have learned to contain myself. It is enough that I am surrounded with beauty…” 

The outtake

Into The Wild is an incredibly beautiful meditation on what the difference is between loneliness and solitude. It will take you on a rollercoaster of father and son, and brother and sister relationships, between understood and finding your purpose. We don’t wish to spoil much more for you so you can check out this book here.

While running away from home to Alaska may not be the inspiration you are looking for, this book is very meaningful. The way Krakauer describes nature and outdoors and the thoughts and feeling about travelling and meeting new people will leave you inspired to make most of the world around you.

Head to Goodreads to learn more about it and take this trip on your next Flightigftcard trip.

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