Your Insider Guide To Berlin

February 14th, 2019
Let’s face it, all the city guides and blogs give us the same tourist attractions over and over again. We live in a period where visiting the landmarks is no longer the reason behind tourism.

Nowadays, people love to get to know the culture and the story of the city by experiencing it through the eyes of locals. We want to know where they go for a coffee and which flea markets and concept stores they go to. Only through visiting the same hang out spots as the residents, do we feel connected to the city we explore.

We wanted to help you achieve that. So we put together a short but snappy guide to the spots in Berlin, locals adore.

Break your fast – Markthalle Neun

This food market is a great spot for your morning fuel. You can find it in Kreuzberg by the Spree. There are so many different food options from local indie brands, a lot of which are organic too. Locals say the food there is incredibly delicious. Every weekend they host a “breakfast market” which has long been a brunch destination amongst the residents. It could get busy, but it’s definitely worth it!


Time for a coffee and a shop – Type Hype 

Next stop is to grab a coffee and have a little look around the lifestyle store Type Hype in Mitte. It is a graphic designer’s heaven as it is all about typography, unique postcards and posters, totes and stationary. You will definitely never see anyone else carrying around the same supplies as you once you leave Berlin. But locals love more than the creative designs. Type Hype also served great coffee and cake, which you can enjoy at an old print press now serving as a table.


Buy some cool second hand designer clothes – The Good Store

This store is a boutique of second hand designer items. There, you will find brands like &Other Stories, Acne Studios and Hermes. It’s not just your regular vintage shop. Local Berlin fashionistas bring their clothes here to be sold on. The items have been carefully selected and displayed in a way that you will never guess it is all second hand. Say ‘no’ to fast fashion without saying ‘no’ to style.


Come back to Mitte to enjoy modern German dishes – Lokal

Lokal is a Nordic gem in the heart of Mitte. This neighbourhood outperforms itself again and again, as it is not just a shopping hotspot but also has great restaurants as well. Truly the coolest neighbourhood in Berlin. Lokal has a menu filled with German dishes with a modern twist. This way you will really be able to get a taste of the local culture today.


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