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Flightgift Corona Virus Update
We highly prioritize your safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many airlines are forced to change their flight schedules due to the COVID-19 virus.

Our support agents are very busy at the moment resulting in increased response times. We hereby share the most common options to resolve your queries due to COVID- 19:

1. Change your flight on the airline website directly
When possible, please go to ‘Manage Booking’ on the airline website and login with your PNR (you can find this on your e-ticket) and your last name. With many airlines you can change your booking directly on the airline website for an alternative future flight.

2. Opt for an airline compensation voucher at the airline website
If the airline offers a voucher for a future booking, then please select this option. This is the fastest way to retrieve it and you can use it to book an alternative future flight at the airline directly.

3. Easyjet booking? Please call them to change your flight
Please call Easyjet and change your booking directly with them for another booking. We experienced that they only allow you to change your booking if you call them (they do not allow you to make changes by email).

4. Ask for compensation through us
If the options above are not possible, and if your airline has cancelled your flight, then please use the form below to submit a refund request, we will then try to get your flight payment refunded. Please know that, as we are not the decision maker in the outcome of each specific case and we have to wait until we are refunded for the booking payment, which can take up to 16 weeks or more depending on the airline. We agree that this is a very long time, but this extreme scenario is unfortunately not something that we or the airlines have anticipated.

We fully understand that this is a really challenging time and we are committed to doing everything we can to support you. We apologize for this in advance and we ask for your support, patience, and cooperation.

Kind regards,
The Flightgift team

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