Received a Flightgift card? How your gift card works

Gift someone a flightgift card to their dream destination, with their favorite airline.
1 gift card gives them the opportunity to choose from over 300 international airlines and 980+ destinations worldwide. Gift them the trip of a lifetime where they decide to fly wherever and whenever they want.
How do flightgift cards work
When you gift someone a Flightgift, you also gift a flexible travel gift. Your airline gift card enables your recipient to make memories at any time, with 2-year validity.
In just 4 easy steps, you create and give your gift, and the recipient books their flight and prepares for boarding.
Design your gift card

Create the perfect travel gift within minutes. Personalize your gift card with an image from our large selection, or upload your own. Your gift recipient will cherish this moment for a long time, so choose wisely!
For the finishing touch, mark the occasion with a message to your recipient. Simply select the value of your card, and you’ve just created the perfect gift.

Send via your preferred delivery method

Begin by selecting your preferred delivery method. Looking to surprise your gift recipient with a physical gift card? Post them a gift they will always cherish, with free shipping worldwide. You can also send it to yourself first, to witness their reaction in person.

Looking for a thoughtful eGift? Send it directly to your recipient’s email address for a fun, instant and unique travel gift card.

About to meet your gift recipient in person? We’ll send you a high-quality PDF to print out at home. You’ll have an impressive gift that’s ready instantly.

For each delivery method, we include a customizable image and message feature to mark your gifting occasion.

Wondering how to book a flight with a gift card

Let’s get you set to travel to your dream destination. To redeem your gift card, browse through our booking page and book your selected flight by paying with your gift card code.

Do you still have some credit left? Lucky you! You can save this for future bookings. Have an additional amount to pay? You can pay the remaining balance on our payment page with the payment method of your choice.

Fly into your next adventure

Sit back, enjoy and safe travels!

Get your suitcase ready! Passport? Purse? Sunglasses? Check! Just don’t forget to leave some room to bring back unforgettable memories.


Post, print or email your gift.

Physical gift card
  • Post to yourself or directly to the recipient
  • Personalize with a photo & message
  • Free delivery worldwide
Printable PDF
  • PDF in your inbox ready to print
  • Personalize with a photo & message
  • Ready in 5 minutes

Happiness, guaranteed.

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