Our cause

We care about the planet we love to explore.
Together, we support sustainable travel.
When you give a Flightgift, you also give back to the planet.

For every Flightgift bought and every flight booked, we ensure a tree is planted with the help of Eden Reforestation Projects. This tree does not just add to a greener environment in an area that needs it but it’s also crucial for lowering extreme poverty.

Sustainable travel gift
Our mission is to be a 100% zero-waste business by 2025.

Our collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects allows us to combine our values and mission of spreading happiness through gifting and caring for the world. Flightgift aims to be a sustainable travel gift, ideal for the eco-conscious world traveller.

How does it work?

For every Flightgift purchased and for every gift card that’s redeemed to book a new flight, a tree is planted. Eden Reforestation Projects plant trees in Nepal, Madagascar and Haiti, amongst other countries. They work to restore forests and support local communities.

Planting trees in this environment is crucial. It prevents villages from flooding, purifies water sources, is both food and a home for animals, and provides nutrition to the soil for farming. The local communities will no longer suffer from either an unsustainable environment or extreme poverty by the reforestation of these areas. Providing these possibilities will create a loving and long-term relationship with nature and the community.

This is more than planting trees

A sustainable travel gift that offsets carbon emissions is our aim. However, due to our collaboration, there’s much more that happens than just planting trees.

Another primary goal of Eden is to reduce poverty as much as possible. Combining the goals of environmental restoration and increasing the social-economic conditions of poor communities, Eden has found the perfect solution. Eden also calls this the “Employ to Plant” methodology. In other words, when you buy a Flightgift, you don’t just help to plant a tree, you also:

  • Reduce poverty by allowing Eden Reforestation Projects to hire local villagers to plant those very trees you help us fund.
  • Enable villagers to have an opportunity to earn a decent salary.
  • Support communities by giving locals an opportunity to provide for their families.

Thank you for being a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

– Native American Proverb