5 Rookie Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Flight

Holidays are a cause for celebration; from the excitement of picking a place to cashing in your flight vouchers, packing your bags, and prepping for the trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there’s a wide-open sky often standing between you and your dream destination. Flying can be a chore; the long lines at the airport, the hours of sitting still, and the fear mongering threat of lost luggage. Yet, there are ways in which savvy flyers can lighten the load and make air travel a breeze. On the other side of the coin there are also ways in which you can make mile high life even harder for yourself – take a look at these 5 rookie mistakes that will definitely ruin your flight…

Not Choosing a Seat

Nowadays practically every airline gives an option for preselecting your seat. Unless you want to run the risk of being cramped in the back corner next to the toilet or even worse – wedged in the middle seat on the middle row then be sure to book yours in advance. Whether you prefer the aisle for your weak bladder or the window for the views, choosing your own seat is a great way of starting your journey on the right foot. The website seatguru is an amazing resource for picking the best spots on your aircraft.

Booking Close Connections

The last thing you want is to spend hours nervously twitching in your seat, worrying if you are going to make that close connection. When booking connecting flights always make sure that you leave plenty of time to hop across the airport and comfortably make the next leg of your journey. You will thank your more organized self as you sit back with a glass of wine in the airport lounge as opposed to tearing madly from one terminal to the other.

Sticking to Inflight Food

If you are set to be air-bound for a few hours, then make sure you stock up on a decent meal. Airline food is far from gourmet, unless you have been lucky enough to cash in your flight vouchers for a first-class seat. While everyone else is tucking into indistinguishable foil wrapped mysteries and limp salad you can feel smugly satiated in the delicious burger you ate. Even better bring your own packed lunch – filled sandwiches, rainbow stir fry in Tupperware boxes, and even a granola bar or two can make all the difference.

Not Being Clever with Carry On

Never underestimate the power of a well packed carry-on bag. Not only should you pack what you need for the flight, but you should also consider the first couple days of your vacation. Luggage gets lost, but if you pack a few spare items of clothing in your carry-on – you will be far from freaking out. Along with extra clothes be sure to pack books and tablets for inflight entertainment, face spritz and a toothbrush for freshening up, and ear plugs and eye masks if you are a light sleeper on a red eye flight.

Not Planning your Time Zones

If you are hopping from one continent to the next, then savvy travelers know how to start off on the right foot when it comes to minimizing jet lag. While it may seem like a great idea to pop that sleeping pill and pass out for 6 hours you may regret it when you touch down and find that you are far from tired despite it being 3am. Set your watch to your destination time as soon as you sit down on the airplane, this will help trick your body into early adjustments. Plan your shuteye carefully on the flight and try to avoid gulping down too much coffee or alcohol even if it is free. Plenty of water and well-timed naps will put you in the best frame of health when you finally touch down.

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