Easily Europe’s most visited city, Rome is a hub for travelers looking to indulge in plates of pasta, cobblestone streets, and ancient ruins. While we all know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, sometimes a day is all you have. If you’re only in Rome for a quick stopover and want to make the most out of your day, look no further. We have outlined the best way to spend 24 hours in Rome. We’ll take you through all the things you have to do, the best non touristy places to eat in Rome, and the must see landmarks! 

Get ready to experience why the Italians live by the phrase, La Dolce Vita or “the sweet life” as you begin your 24 hours in Rome.


Tips for Spending 24 hours in Rome

Is 24 hours in Rome enough?

Yes! While we recommend at least 3 days to see all of Rome, 24 hours is plenty of time to hit the sights and still enjoy the leisure of Italian dining and culture. 

When to visit Rome?

The great thing about Rome is that all seasons are pleasant for visiting the city. With a Mediterranean climate, temperatures are mild. However, be prepared for crowds and heat waves during the summer months, as Rome is one of the most visited European cities during summer. For a less crowded experience try visiting in off season months like October or April. 

How to get around Rome?

By far the best way to get around Rome is walking! All the monuments and tourists attractions are accessible by foot, and the slow pace allows you the freedom to explore the narrow cobblestone streets.

However, if you want a faster route you can make use of Rome's metro line to take you from one destination to the next. We recommend buying one way passes, as the metros are not as well connected as other European cities, and you’ll find yourself walking in between.


24 Hours in Rome: What to Do

Explore the Colosseum

colosseumA must-see if you are only in Rome for 24 hours! You absolutely have to visit the Colosseum, and it’s one of the seven wonders of the world. This Roman monument is an impressive sight. This Roman amphitheater used to be the place where gladiatorial battles took place, seen by thousands of spectators. Nowadays, the Colosseum is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

We advise you to buy a ticket in advance online to reduce the long lines and book a guided tour with an expert to learn all the secrets of this majestic place.

Expert Tip: You can also walk through the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to be immersed in ancient history.

Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

trevi fountain coin toss

Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish. Every day, 3,000 euros are collected in the fountain and donated to the Caritas association, so you can do a good deed too.

The best time to see the fountain? No matter what time of day it is, it’s mesmerizing.

Expert Tip: Try to go in the morning before 9am and return in the evening to see it lit up.

Stroll through Vatican City

Vatican MuseumVatican City is a must-see in Rome. It’s a country within the city, the Vatican is full of wonders such as St Peter's Basilica, its dome and its main square. The Sistine Chapel is just breathtaking.

Take your time to wander around this part of the city, as there is so much to see and
and discover.

24 Hours in Rome: Where to Eat

Check out Supplizio for real street food

Before wolfing down your long-awaited Italian pizza, the locals recommend you start with Supplì. Supplì are actually a gourmet version of arancini balls.

In Supplizio, you can try a variety of these fried balls of happiness. You can opt for a classic made with rice, giblets, tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan or challenge your taste buds with a Burro e acciughe, filled with rice, mozzarella, butter and anchovies.

Taste real Roman Pizza

italian pizza

Roman pizza is not exactly the thin, rounded dough with tomato sauce and mozzarella on top that you immediately imagine. In fact, real Roman pizza is a bit like focaccia. At the Pizzarium, you can try an amazing variety of these Roman pizzas. Some come with simple combinations like tomato sauce and rosemary, others are topped with figs, parmesan and pumpkin cream.

Try some pasta carbonara

What would a visit to Rome be without some real fresh Italian pasta? Roscioli in Rome is a place known for its succulent pasta carbonara.

In fact, many people consider it to be the best pasta carbonara on earth.

Indulge in Italian ice cream: Gelato

gelato in romeTaste ice cream the authentic Italian way and try some products of Claudio Torcè.
Among the most famous are the celery, gorgonzola and habanero pepper flavors.

Only natural ingredients are selected to create exquisite flavor palettes. The establishment has also switched from sugar to fructose and offers lactose-free options and gluten-free cones.

24 Hours in Rome: What to See?

People watch at cafes in Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei FioriRelax at one of the many cafés lining the square and indulge in some prime people-watching. Grab a seat at an outdoor terrace, sip on a cappuccino or aperitivo, and watch as locals and tourists alike go about their day. During the day, Campo dei Fiori hosts a bustling market where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to flowers, spices, and local delicacies. Stroll through the market stalls, sample some of the seasonal fruits, and soak in the lively ambiance.

Climb the Spanish Steps for a breathtaking view

Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish Steps offer a unique vantage point to soak in the bustling energy of Rome from a slightly elevated perspective. While not offering panoramic views of the city skyline, the steps provide a central perch where visitors can witness the vibrant rhythm of Roman life unfold below. From this iconic spot, one can observe the ebb and flow of pedestrians along the elegant Via dei Condotti, the stylish boutiques that line the streets, and the picturesque Piazza di Spagna with its iconic Barcaccia Fountain. As a hub of activity and a meeting place for locals and tourists alike, the Spanish Steps offer a lively and immersive introduction to the heart of Rome's bustling cityscape.

Roam around Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona Rome

Piazza Navona is the place to take a leisurely stroll and absorb the enchanting scenery of Rome. Encircled by elegant Baroque buildings and adorned with majestic fountains, the square offers a picturesque setting for a relaxing walk. You can meander along its cobblestone streets, admiring the architectural masterpieces and soak in the lively atmosphere. 

Expert tip: Take your time to wander around this part of the city, as there is so much to see and discover.

24 Hours in Rome: One Day Itinerary 

We hope this list helped you to plan out your 24 hours in Rome. If you want a set one day in Rome itinerary. here are our suggestions on how to spend a day in Rome. 

Just a reminder: Remember, at the end of the day you’re in Rome to experience “the sweet life” so slow down the checklist of things to do and maybe opt to getting lost in the streets and notice the little charms that make up this beautiful city. 


rome streets

  • Grab a bite to eat and a morning espresso at Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè before starting your full day of activities 
  • Head over to the Colosseum to begin your tour of the ancient ruins, stay awhile to walk around the surrounding area to immerse yourself in these historical sites

da Fortunata osteria

  • Start making your way over to the Vatican City by strolling through the markets at Campo de Fiori
  • Just around the corner stop by for a late traditional Italian lunch at da Fortunata Osteria
  • Walk or take public transport towards Vatican City, if you have time enter the museums however walking around is just as beautiful

rome at night streets

  • Walk through the center or Rome to catch a glimpse of the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps. Take your time to explore the narrow streets and take in each landmark
  • Finish off your day with a tasty bite of authentic Italian Pizza at Pizza Ré
  • To end your Roman holiday on a sweet note, indulge in a scoop of gelato at Gelateria Frigidarium 

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