How often have you said to yourself: "I have no one to go on vacation with"? And how many times have you been afraid to go on vacation alone? Many people don't dare to take the step of traveling alone: fear of the unknown, fear of not being safe, and fear of boredom. But there are even more positives to the experience of solo travel.

That's why we've decided to compile the best destinations and tips for finally going on a trip alone, whether it's to the other side of the world, in Europe, or for a weekend. It’s time to pack your bag for one.

Going on vacation alone

The first thing to consider when choosing your destination is when you want to go on a solo trip. With over 300 countries worldwide, selecting a country can become a puzzle. Where to go for a first solo trip? Which destination is safe?

Best country to travel to


Iceland gets the top spot for solo travelers. This small island in the Atlantic Ocean, with Reykjavík as its capital, is an ideal destination. The country is the safest in the world and where the living conditions are among the best. In addition, many activities are available, such as exploring the Northern Lights or admiring whales swimming in the wild.

A cheap destination

Thailand, and Southeast Asia, are recommended for a long solo trip. Many backpackers travel to Asia for the first time because of the many facilities that make a journey easier. There are plenty of hostels with a wide range of activities, perfect for meeting people from all over the world. Budget hotels are available on our search engine if you want more peace and independence.

Looking for adventure?

lama in peru

A trip off the beaten track: head to South America. This land is full of diversity and contrasts and is a nugget for those who want to take in the sights. Why not trek in Peru and discover Machu Picchu or watch the multicolored fish in the Caribbean? Or go on safari in the Amazon jungle or kayak in the glaciers of Patagonia? These adventure-filled, thrill-seeking holidays will be unforgettable.

Discover the Kiwis

Who has dreamed of walking on the same lands as Frodo and Gandalf? We have! New Zealand is the perfect place for Lord of the Rings fans, but not only! This country is recommended if you are a woman traveling alone. The local people are described as friendly and welcoming; the food is excellent, and it's very safe. Very much in favor of women's rights, did you know that New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote? You can be sure to collect plenty of memories.

Where to stay in New Zealand?

Plateau Lodge is located in the village of Tongariro National Park. You're in the perfect place to meet people with a wide choice of comfortable apartments, studios, and a communal lounge. Self-service laundry, a hearty breakfast, and excellent Wi-Fi are all great features for your stay.

Traveling alone in Europe

A first trip alone can be stressful! Europe is a very suitable continent for the big leap of going alone. You will be close to home while being out of the ordinary. New language and culture await you.


portugal, porto

A surprising country offering a perfect mix of culture, nature, and celebration, Portugal is a little jewel on the Atlantic Ocean to explore. Imagine yourself in a seaside restaurant enjoying grilled fish, then take a tour of the city, and enjoy a Pastéis de Nata, the dream! You could opt for a city trip to Lisbon or a road trip across Portugal to stop off in the Algarve region. We've put together the must-sees in Portugal within this article.

The Netherlands

The land of Gouda and tulips is always a great choice. Holland has a lot to offer, but so do the other provinces of the country: Limburg, Utrecht and even Groningen.

Start your trip by visiting Amsterdam and its eccentricities. Then discover Rotterdam and its large port. Head to Utrecht for a cute getaway between the canals and head north to Groningen. This country is small but lovely and welcoming. It is ideal for a first trip!


Gothenburg is a metropolis almost equidistant between Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen, making it an ideal destination for a trip to Scandinavian Europe. Sweden is renowned for its hospitality and breathtaking scenery. With unspoiled nature and vibrant nightlife, Gothenburg is an irresistible destination.

A hotel in the city center

Scandic Europa has an ideal location for exploring the city. Right in the middle of Gothenburg's urban atmosphere, you can easily visit the surrounding area. Each room is fully equipped, and the hotel has a restaurant and an indoor pool.


boat in malta

Fancy sun and partying? Malta is perfect for a solo trip to Europe. Stroll to Valletta for Games of Throne settings, or explore the turquoise waters of Gozo. For a medieval getaway, visit the town of Mdina. It is the ancient capital of Malta. Nicknamed the Noble City or the Silent City, this walled city is full of charm.

Where to go alone in France

Solo travel is a unique experience to find yourself; nevertheless, no need to go miles away. You can very well choose to explore the French hexagon.


Promenade des Anglais and the Mediterranean Sea, the capital of the French Riviera, welcomes you every day of the year for a sunny getaway. For a first solo trip, why not try a stay in a luxury hotel?

We have gathered the top luxury hotels in Nice to experience a real holiday, between relaxation and French chic.



Welcome to the North! Maroilles’s cheese, fries and half-timbered houses, Lille is welcoming just like its inhabitants. The warmth of the northerners will make for an unforgettable solo holiday. The perfect weekend guide to Lille is made to give you all the ideas of activities and things to visit.


Marseille and its soaps are a great option if you prefer the south of France. With its port, fresh fish, and old center, wander through the narrow streets of the Phocaean city. The smells of the Mediterranean will make your city-trip unforgettable.

Going away on your own for a weekend

The first trip of several days can be nerve-wracking, so it may be advisable to start with a weekend. Book your flight tickets with your Flightgift card for Friday and fly home on Sunday.


Tips for traveling alone woman

Whether you're going on a world tour alone or a weekend trip in France, here are some tips for living this experience more serenely.

  • Stay flexible: the most beautiful memories and encounters usually come from spontaneity and flexibility. Plan your trip a little in advance for more comfort, and let yourself be guided by the people you meet.
  • Listen to and trust yourself: the best person to know you is yourself. Trust yourself and follow your desires.
  • Learn to ask for help: Don't be afraid to ask for help from other travelers and locals. They know the mythical places, and the pitfalls to avoid and can be a tremendous emotional support.
  • Let your dreams guide you: If you've always wanted to see the Seven Wonders of the World, go for it. Dreams are meant to be realized, and life is better with experiences.