Who doesn’t love a good fright from time to time? If you’re looking for a thrilling getaway, consider a trip to one of the country’s most haunted cities. From grand mansions to historic castles, the UK is known for its dark history and haunting tales dating all the way back to the 12th century. Here are some of our top picks, for a frightening time away.

Clifford’s Tower, York

Claimed to be one of the most haunted cities in England, York is filled with history from a dark past. While it has no shortage of ghoulish spots, there is one site that is far bloodier than the rest. Clifford’s Tower is a towering stone monument that watches over York, originally built in 1068. The tower has a tragic history, with staff reporting strange banding noises coming from the ceiling, mysterious footsteps and the sound of children running in the courtyard when the site has been closed. Visit the tower and neighboring surroundings to take in its chilling history, and discover why it's been dubbed as one of the spookiest spots in the country.

Aston Hall, Birmingham

Said to be one of the most haunted buildings in all of England, Aston Hall is known for its tales of macabre masacres, mysterious ladies and tragic events. During the 17th century, the mansion was inhabited by Sir Thomas Holte — known for allegedly murdering his cook and imprisoning his daughter on the property for 16 years. Rumor has it that she wanders the halls alongside Holte’s houseboy. Take a trip to Birmingham, and you might just experience a sighting of the ‘grey lady’ for yourself. Aston Hall is open to the public during the summer months.

Tower of London, London

Attracting millions of visitors every year, the Tower of London is widely known for its tales of imprisonment, torture and execution. For nearly a 1000 years, the tower has served as everything from a royal residence to a prison. Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Sir Walter Raleigh were one of the many historical figures who spent their final days incarcerated at the tower. Due to the many tragic events that took place here, it is believed that several ghosts and phantoms reside within its walls. Experience the chilling atmosphere yourself, or book a private tour with a Beefeater.

Glencoe National Nature Reserve, Scotland

Known for its rugged beauty, and visited by hikers from all over the country, the famous nature reserve in the Scottish Highlands is known for the infamous Glencoe Massacre of 1692. A troop of soldiers got themselves invited to the residence of the MacDonald clan, posing as friendly visitors. During the night, the soldiers turned on their hosts and went about slitting their throats. Legend has it that some members of the clan survived and fled into the surrounding woods, where their souls still remain. Discover its majestic beauty, and chilling nature for yourself.

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