A trip to the Island of Beauty is always a good idea! The question on everyone's mind: where in Corsica should I go for the summer? Between the mountains and sea, we share the most beautiful things to do in Corsica this summer. Between picturesque villages, heavenly beaches, and must-see sights, you won't be disappointed! Book your Flightgift to Ajaccio or Bastia and embark on a crazy adventure.

Corsica - The perfect destination for young couples

Overflowing with sumptuous landscapes, the dreamy island of beauty is situated closer to Italy than France. This island in the Mediterranean Sea is over 3000 square miles and has fine sandy beaches, mountains, and rivers.

With Ajaccio, the southern city of Corsica, and Bastia, the city of northern Corsica, there is no shortage of things to see. Brimming with sports activities, cultural heritage, and gastronomy, Corsica offers you a range of flavors with Mediterranean aromas.

For young couples, Corsica offers a riveting nightlife with alternative restaurants, clubs, and bars. We recommend sipping a cocktail with your +1 and watching the sunset together here.

When to visit Corsica?

Home to a Mediterranean climate and high mountains, you have the freedom to enjoy either intense heat or cooler temperatures (depending on the place and time)

  • Spring: Recommended, especially if you like hiking and outdoor activities, spring is for you! You'll get some great views, so take your camera.
  • Summer: Corsica is the ideal location for your summer vacation due to its warm weather. You could enjoy the beaches during the day and the long summer evenings by the water.
  • Autumn: September is perfect if you have young children; the temperatures are pleasant, and you can easily walk through the island's narrow streets without too many people.
  • Winter: Winter is an idea if you’re looking to spend Christmas in Corsica. There may even be snow, depending on where you stay.

Does Corsica belong to Italy or France?

In modern times, Corsica is part of France. But this island's sovereignty is a fascinating subject due to its conflicting nature.

The question of this island's ownership dates back to the 18th century. Corsica was part of the Republic of Genoa, a medieval country that existed until 1797 on the northwestern Italian coast.

After the Seven Years' War and France's subsequent loss of its American colonies, the French wanted badly to reinforce its Mediterranean territory. At the time, Genoa was facing revolutionary forces in Corsica. The French took advantage of this and convinced Genoa to sign the Treaty of Compiègne in 1764.

On paper, this treaty signifies France's commitment to helping Genoa squash the uprisings in Corsica. In reality, the French didn't send troops to reconquer the island. Instead, they led the Genoese Republic to squander money and get into debts they couldn't repay.

Subsequently, due to the severity of the debts, Genoa was forced to recognize France as the legitimate mistress of Corsica. Thus, Corsica was officially part of the French overseas territory.

Although officially French, you might get surprising answers if you ask Corsicans where they identify themselves. We'll save that for your visit to this island.

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North Corsica: What to do?

Set out to conquer the Haute-Corse and its hidden treasures. North Corsica is a must-see, a perfect mix between mountains, plains, and beaches.

Climbing Monte Cinco

At 1.6 miles above sea level, Monte Cinco is the summit of Corsica. Seasoned hikers will be delighted to climb this mountain and take in a superb view of Corsica.

Visit Bastia

city of Bastia in Corsica, boat, sea

Don’t miss out on a visit to Bastia in the capital city of Haute-Corse. After walking the colorful streets and the Citadel of Bastia, stop at the Old Port to sip a cocktail.

Exploring the artisans' route

In the hinterland, between Calvi and Ile Rousse, discover the talent of Corsican craftsmen: from handmade soaps to jewellery and ceramics; there is something for everyone.

Discover Calvi

The second most attractive city in Corsica is Calvi. Located between the old town and marina, it’s sure to amaze you. Go for a dip at Barcaggi beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Corsica. Moreoever, the Ile Rousse is also accessible from Calvi and is worth a visit.

See the Agriates desert

This is not a real desert like the Sahara. It is a rocky and mountainous terrain with fauna and flora unique to the area . Between the south of Saint Florent and the Ostriconi, discover more than 16,000 hectares of unspeakable beauty.

Go and see the Cap Corse

As the name suggests, Cap Corse is located in the north of Corsica. This peninsula in Haute-Corse is rich in nature and wildlife and is home to beautiful villages such as Erbalunga.

The best places to stay in Haute-Corse

There is no shortage of hotels in Corsica. Between small budget hotels or luxury hotels, you have the choice.

Campo di Fiori, Maisons de Charme

Campo di Fiori - Maisons de Charme is the ideal solution to enjoy a charming stay in the heart of Calvi. Here, you will discover the city's most popular sites, such as the beach of Calvi and the port of Calvi.

This 4-star hotel has all the facilities to make your stay exceptional. Massages await you for a moment of relaxation in its garden. With a Mediterranean style, you will also find free Wi-Fi Internet access, a concierge service, and a paid childcare service.


Hotel Corsica offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Calvi. With a heated outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, and a wellness center & SPA, everything is in place for an excellent and relaxing holiday.

South Corsica: the best activities

For slow travel lovers or enjoy a few lazy days at the beach, South Corsica is the perfect place for your holiday.

Explore Bonifacio

city of Bonifacio in Corsica

The medieval city in the south of the island is a must-visit on your trip to Corsica. That's because it's also the perfect town for photography enthusiasts, surrounded by cliffs, narrow streets, the marine cemetery and the King of Aragon's staircase.

Only 30 minutes by boat from Bonifacio, this archipelago of islands plunges you directly into paradise: fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters, your stay in Corsica will be unforgettable!

Discover the needles of Bavella

Famous for hiking, the Aiguilles de Bavella is not to be missed. The best part? you will have a breathtaking view of Corsica and its nature.

Visit Sartene

A typical and traditional Corsican village, Sartene is full of charm. With its cobblestone streets and charisma, get lost in the town and discover local shops perfect for Corsican souvenirs.

Lounging on Corsica's heavenly beaches

Due to their impeccable beauty, the beaches of South Corsica attract many visitors every year. As such, here are some of our picks for the most beautiful beaches in Corsica:

  • The beach of Palombaggia
  • The beach of Rondinara
  • The beaches of Lavezzi Island
  • Saint-Antoine beach

Take the opportunity to rent a paddle or a canoe and go out to the sea to discover the Mediterranean and the sea bed.

beach in Corsica

Hotels in South Corsica to discover

Le Roc e Fiori Hotel

Located in Porto Vecchio, this charming hotel welcomes you all year round. Between charm and friendliness, you’ll find this hotel 5 minutes from the city center and the magnificent beaches of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia. You’ll find it to be a hamlet with Mediterranean colors.

With a swimming pool whirlpooland a Mediterranean garden, you’ll find yourself in paradise for a relaxing holiday.

Residence Alba Rossa

These flats are located near the seaside resort of Porto Pollo and are only 26 miles from Ajaccio. Completely renovated and nestled on a 14-hectare elevated property, the expression 'Corsica, the island of beauty’, takes on a whole other meaning here.
Offering a selection of flats and semi-detached villas, you will be spoilt with all the comforts for a dream holiday in Corsica at the Alba Rossa residence.

Between activities and relaxation, Corsica is the perfect choice for your next holiday. The island of beauty will offer you an infinity of marine landscapes unique to the Mediterranean.