Becoming a Dad for the first time is a life-changing moment, and celebrating the first Father's Day is a memory that new dads will cherish forever. For new mums, this can feel like a lot of pressure as they strive to find that perfect first Fathers Day gift. It's an opportunity to show appreciation and create a lasting memento of this special time. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, don't worry – we've got you covered. Here are seven extra-special and sentimental first Father's Day gifts that will make any new dad's heart melt.

What's a Good Gift for a First Time Dad?

a dad and his baby about to get his first fathers day gift
A good first Father's Day gift should be thoughtful, sentimental, and memorable. It’s about celebrating his new role and creating lasting memories. Consider first Father's Day gifts that can be personalised or that capture a special moment. Practical Father's Day gifts that make his day-to-day life easier or more enjoyable are also great choices.

Here are a few other first Father's Day gift categories to think about:

  • Keepsakes: Items like engraved photo frames or custom portraits.
  • Experiences: Gift vouchers for travel, hotel stays, or unique activities.
  • Practical yet sentimental items: Personalised cufflinks or baby handprint frames.

What to do for your Husband's First Father's Day?

first fathers day gift for husband
Celebrating your husband's first Father's Day should be about making him feel special and appreciated. Here are a few ideas to make the day unforgettable:

  • Plan a Special Father's Day Out: Organise a family outing to a favourite park, beach, or nature reserve or take him out for a special Father's Day dinner at his favourite restaurant.
  • Create a Memory Book: Compile photos of him and the baby, notes, and mementoes from his journey into fatherhood so far.
  • Cook His Favourite Meal: Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a special dinner, cooking his favourite meal can be a simple yet heartfelt gesture.
  • Give Him Some Me-Time: Give him a break by taking over baby duties for a few hours so he can relax, read, or enjoy a hobby.
  • Give a First Father's Day Gift: Present him with one of the extra special gifts listed below to show how much you care.

7 Extra-Special First Father's Day Gifts

1. New Dad and Baby Portrait

personalised first fathers day gifts
Capturing the beautiful bond between a father and his newborn is priceless and with this first Father's Day gift you can do just that. A custom dad and baby portrait can be a heartfelt keepsake that he can treasure forever. You can have a professional artist create a bespoke piece, or opt for a digital illustration if you prefer a modern touch. Prices for custom portraits can range from £50 to £200.

2. A Flight Gift Card

a flight gift card is the best first fathers day gift
For the adventurous dad dying to get away, a flight gift card is an incredible first Father's Day gift idea that empowers him to explore the world. With options to fly to over 980 destinations around the world and with over 400 airlines, the flexibility of our flight gifts is unbeatable. Has he always dreamed of going to:

He can redeem his flight gift card on flights to all of these destinations and hundreds more on a date that suits him. Upload a value from £25 and personalise it by adding a photo of your partner with his new bundle of joy, making it a versatile and personalised first Father's Day gift.

3. Engraved Photo Frame

one of the best first fathers day gifts is an engraved photo frame
An engraved photo frame is a classic and personalised first Father's Day gift that perfectly captures a precious moment. Choose a beautiful photo of the new dad with his baby and add a personal touch with an engraving – perhaps the date of the baby's birth or a heartfelt message. Prices for this timeless first Father's Day gift typically range from £20 to £60.

4. A Hotelgift

a hotel gift card is the best first fathers day gift idea
For a new dad who could use a bit of relaxation, a Hotelgift voucher is an ideal first Father's Day present. Coming from Experiencegift, the same company that makes Flightgift and Activitygift, this special first Father's Day gift combines personalisation, travel and flexibility. When you give him a Hotelgift, he'll be able to choose from thousands of hotels worldwide including:

You can add a Hotelgift card value from £25 and choose from eGift, PDF or physical gift vouchers that can be shipped for free worldwide.

5. Framed Baby Handprint

one of the best personalised first fathers day gift ideas is a handprint photo
A framed baby handprint is a beautiful and unique way to commemorate a baby's tiny hands at such a tender age. Kits for creating baby handprints are easy to use and can be turned into a cherished keepsake that dad will adore. The cost for these kits usually ranges from £10 to £30, with frames included.

6. An Activity Gift Card

celebrate a mans 50th birthday with the best personalised 50th birthday gifts
Activitygift vouchers are perfect for the dad who loves expanding their horizons. Whether it’s a day of golf, a gourmet dining experience, or a relaxing spa day, these personalised gift vouchers offer a wide range of activities in the UK and abroad to suit every interest from history lovers, sports fans, travel fans and foodies. Prices for Activitygift cards start from £25, making it a budget-friendly and fun first Father's Day gift idea.

7. Personalised Cufflinks

personalised cufflinks for fathers dayOur last first Father's Day gift idea is for the Dads who love a touch of luxury. Personalised cufflinks can make an excellent gift. Engraving the baby's initials or birthdate onto the cufflinks adds a special, sentimental touch. Prices typically range from £30 to £100 with options on the higher end offering beautiful, customisable options that will make dad feel truly special.

Will you buy one of these first Father's Day gifts?

Each of these first Father's Day gift ideas combines thoughtfulness with a personal touch, ensuring that the first Father's Day is a memorable and cherished occasion. By choosing one of these extra-special Father's Day gifts, you're not only celebrating a new dad's journey but also creating lasting memories that he will hold dear for years to come. So, buy a special first Father's Day gift that speaks from the heart to show him how much you care and you'll make his first Father's Day truly unforgettable.