There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that we’re becoming aware that we don’t live sustainably enough. The good news is that we’re finding solutions to limit our waste and become more conscious of how we live. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a traveller just like us. Travelling doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment, and by taking more measurements into consideration, we can still enjoy our trips with a clear conscience.

We’ve created this list of sustainable travel tips, so you get to enjoy your next trip guilt-free, and even leave a positive impact on our planet.

5 Sustainable Travel Tips

1. Visit destinations that support sustainability

More and more countries are committed to protecting the planet. From sustainable tourism organisations to safeguarding nature sanctuaries, many communities are getting creative when it comes to promoting sustainable travel. Do you want to support these countries? These 3 destinations actively support green tourism and are worth a visit:

Sustainable Destination Denmark


This colourful country strives to be carbon neutral by 2025, and currently gets 95% of its energy from hydropower. From massive national parks to innovative city centres, every corner of this country is stunning.

Our activity tip: dive into the Danish Royal history and learn about Renaissance architecture by taking a private tour to the impressive Frederiksborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Have you already visited Denmark and did you fall in love, like us? Try any other Scandinavian country, as they all set the right example for sustainability and are just as charming.

Scotland, UK

This breathtaking country is home to many initiatives that help protect the environment. It’s also the first country from which its national tourism organisation pledged their commitment to responsible tourism by joining the National Tourist Board to Declare a Climate Emergency. This initiative focuses on solutions to the climate crisis.

This country is filled with ancient forests, untouched wilderness, and wildlife, and they aim to protect this wherever they can. You can enjoy Scotland guilt-free by supporting these initiatives. Why not stay in Inverness, the capital of the breathtaking Highlands, so you have the best base for making the most of Scotland's incredible nature and the abundance of activities to do there.

Our activity tip: visit the idyllic villages of Scotland by doing a day tour to Firth of Forth and Trossachs. Are you a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan? Then you might stumble upon some familiar architecture.

New Zealand

This nature-filled country has high aims, as it’s committed to becoming the world leader in sustainable tourism by having all tourism-led companies be as green as possible by 2025. Get lost in the wonders of New Zealand’s wildlife while respecting and supporting their green goals.

Our activity tip: take a day trip to explore Auckland’s agricultural region, where you’ll see fruit orchards, sip on local wines, and admire the black sand beaches.

2. Bring sustainable travel products

solid toiletries
The skill of packing for your trip as light and convenient as possible is one that not everybody possesses. Buying small shampoo bottles is an easy strategy, but it’s not sustainable. These bottles can often only be used once, and end up in the bin after your trip.

What if we tell you that there’s a solution for using less plastic and saving space in your carry-on liquid allowance at the same time? Solid toiletries could be a real eye-opener. From shampoo bars to deodorants, you can make a fair amount of your care products liquid-free. You can even find solid parfum and toothpaste. You’ll limit your waste while smelling like a million bucks.

Another way to make your packing list more sustainable is to rethink your single use product on your trip and find out if you can make these reusable. Do you drink lots of water while discovering your destination? Bring a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles. Do you enjoy the occasional cocktail at the beach? Pack a couple of reusable straws. Are you a frequent shaver? Purchase a reusable razor. You can also find make-up wipes, coffee cups, and much more that will make your trip greener.

3. Take it easy!

Sustainable travel tips beachAre you someone who wants to see as much as possible in the least amount of time? We understand how you like to discover everything the world has to offer. However, moving from one place to the other frequently increases your carbon footprint. Try to take it slower and stick around in a city for a little longer.

This not only helps to become more environmentally friendly, but also saves you a significant amount of stress. Don’t worry about being in time to move to your next destination, but lean back and enjoy your surroundings. Get to know the city better than just seeing the tourist attractions. Take a food tour around the city, get lost in different neighbourhoods, and discover hidden coffee shops. The best memories are the unexpected ones.

Are you taking a guided tour? It’s worth asking your tour operator for extra tips, there’s a big chance they know the best hotspots around town. Connect with a new destination by slow travel and enjoy watching the locals in their natural habitat. This way you’ll truly get to experience the country’s culture.

Bonus: Let’s get loca(l)

Slow travel is more than just eco-friendly travelling. It’s supporting the travel and tourism of your holiday destination and giving back to the local communities. While you’re diving deeper into the culture, make sure to buy your daily food and drinks from the smaller stores. You’ll be supporting the community directly, and they often offer better quality too. Win-win!

An extra activity tip from us: take a cooking class from a local family. They’ll give you a warm welcome, the best tips, and an unforgettable experience.

4. Stay in eco-friendly hotels

Sustainable Hotel London Treehouse
Did you know that many hotels focus on making their buildings and services green? This includes using renewable energy, reducing water usage, and turning waste into reusable materials, just to name a few.

Get inspired by some of our favourite sustainable hotels in these European capitals that we offer on our Hotelgift booking system:

  • Treehouse Hotel in London, UK: for an urban stay that looks like a modern version of your childhood tree house, but then right in the city centre of the capital of the UK. This hotel is excellent in using reclaimed wood and composting.
  • Boat & CO in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: for a luxury and modern stay in the climate neutral neighbourhood of the Houthavens, at the waterfront of Amsterdam.
  • Trianon Rive Gauche in Paris, France: for a traditional stay in the heart of Paris with vintage elements that give you a taste of the rich French history. This hotel is European Ecolabel certified.
  • Downtown Camper By Scandic in Stockholm, Sweden: for an eco-friendly stay in a hip and vibrant hotel that offers the best entertainment, such as workshops and film nights.
  • InterContinental Hotel in Madrid, Spain: for a sophisticated stay that’s ideal for families. With their ‘IHG Green Engage System’, they focus on lowering energy, water and waste.

5. Get around town sustainably

Sustainable Travel Amsterdam
Have you ever realised how many different modes of transportation you’re using on holiday? Taxis, rented cars, scooters, they’re easy to get around town with, but not the most healthy options. Instead, rent a bike to explore the city in an environmentally friendly way. You’ll not only feel part of the local’s daily life, you even get to see more of the city than you would from the car window.

Is your next destination too far to cycle? Use public transportation instead of a taxi. This way you’ll lower the carbon emissions significantly. Who knows, you might even bump into interesting people and make new friends.

How Flightgift Vouchers Give Back to Our Planet

At Flightgift, we support sustainable travel and giving back to our planet. That's why we're committed to promoting responsible tourism and environmental conservation through our Flightgift vouchers.

When you buy flight vouchers for your loved one, you're not only giving the gift of adventure but also contributing to a greener future. Here's how Flightgift vouchers support sustainability:

  • Eco-Friendly Experiences: Flightgift offers a wide range of eco-friendly travel experiences that allow you to explore destinations while minimizing your carbon footprint. Whether it's staying in sustainable hotels, taking eco-conscious tours, or supporting responsible tourism initiatives, Flightgift vouchers make it easy to choose green travel options.
  • Supporting Sustainable Destinations: Flightgift partners with destinations that prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism. By redeeming our vouchers, you're indirectly supporting these destinations in their efforts to protect the environment and preserve their natural beauty.
  • Reducing Plastic Waste: When you order an eGift, you reduce unnecessary waste since your flight voucher lands directly in your recipient's inbox .
  • By buying flight vouchers, you contribute to a more sustainable and responsible travel industry. Together, we can explore the world while protecting the planet for future generations.