When you think of Mallorca, do you envision a group of enthusiastic British friends going to Magaluf in the search of a party? This island has so much more to offer, so check out our tips for your next vacation there. Discover the beautiful and adventurous corners of the island and book a direct flight with your Flightgift.
Here you can hike, relax on the beach or discover the beautiful villages. Go on adventurous trips to hidden caves or relax with a cocktail in Palma, on the Balearic island you have a wide range of activities.

Mallorca's most beautiful beaches

View over a beach in Mallorca
Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Mallorca has a lot of beautiful beaches and bays up its sleeve. On the coast, you only look a few meters further and you will find an even more breathtaking view than before.
However, those are the five most beautiful beaches you should not miss on your holiday:

  • Calo des Moro
  • Cala Llombards
  • Platja de Muro
  • Cala Deià
  • Es Trenc

Calo des Moro is located in the southeast of Mallorca, near Santanyí, and is a more hidden bay. The way there is a bit bumpy and can take some time. This cove is probably known to many through Instagram, so over the course of the day, it can get more crowded. We recommend going in the morning so you can enjoy the unique view to the fullest.

Also located near Santanyí, you'll find Cala Llombards, a rocky cove with a large beach. The turquoise water invites you to swim. If you’re brave enough, you can jump from the cliffs. Bring an air mattress or a pillow if you want to get comfortable on the rocky bottom.

Despite the similar name, Platja de Muro is no comparison to Calo des Moro. It is a long sandy beach, in the northeast of the island, belonging to the port city of Alcudia. We recommend going a little out of town and strolling through the beautiful pine forest located on the main road because this way you will get too much quieter parts of the beach and be isolated from the rest of the tourists.

Cala Deià is located in the west of Mallorca and is therefore the perfect place to enjoy the sunset on the beach. From here you have a breathtaking view of the horizon and will experience a magical evening. Enjoy the way to this beautiful bay, because it leads through unique mountain landscapes. The village of Deià in the middle of these mountains is charming and invites you to take a short break.

In the south of the island you will find Es Trenc, probably one of the most famous beaches of Mallorca, and rightly so. The long sandbank and the turquoise water make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. At the edge of the beach, you will even find a few beach bars, where you can sip a cocktail.

Book a catamaran tour if you want to discover some more beaches. Some of these beaches are only accessible by boat, so you can snorkel and explore the water almost undisturbed.

Cities in Mallorca that you must see

Mallorca's beaches are beautiful, but some towns and villages are definitely worth the trip as well. Discover these 3 places and make your stay special for an adventure full of sights that are local and intimate.

Palma de Mallorca

Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca
An absolute must is the capital Palma de Mallorca in the south. Here you can discover the port, beautiful architecture, and a range of delicacies. To get the most out of your visit to the island's capital, hop on one of the Hop On Hop Off buses and take a tour of the city's most interesting places.

For your stay in Palma, we recommend the Mirador Hotel with views of the harbor and coast. Choose one of its 87 rooms that are equipped with everything you wish for. Take a dip in the indoor pool if you need a refreshment or make use of the sauna if you want to relax to the fullest. End your day with dinner in its restaurant and enjoy some nice cocktails in the hotel bar and end your day.


View over the village of Valldemossa in Mallorca
Valldemossa is a beautiful village in the middle of the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and you will quickly fall in love with it. It is known primarily for its monastery and its beauty. The composer Chopin loved it here and wrote about the village in his music after only one month on the island.

On this Valldemossa & West Coast tour, you can not only discover the famous monastery but explore the surrounding highlights of the west coast.

Our restaurant recommendation is Es Taller Valldemossa for the most delicious tapas on the island.


Sant Bartomeu church in Soller Mallorca
Sóller is very close to Valldemossa, in the heart of the Valley of Oranges, and is known for its red and orange tram that runs throughout the town, past the Sant Bartomeu church. Sit in one of the cozy cafes in the Plaza de la Constitución and watch them go by.

Be sure to visit the Botanical Garden just outside the city where you can learn about the flora of the Balearic Islands.

Insider tips

Mallorca's unique stalactite caves

Inside of a cave in Mallorca
An absolute insider tip are Mallorca's breathtaking, centuries-old stalactite caves, hidden under the island. During your visit to one of these 5 caves, you will feel like a real adventurer and treasure hunter:

  • Cuevas del Drach
  • Cuevas del Hams
  • Cuevas de Artá
  • Cuevas de Campanet
  • Cuevas de Genova

Book now directly the entrance and a guided tour of the caves Cuevas de Artá or Cuevas del Hams and be enchanted by their sight.

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana Mallorca
If you have visited the villages of Valldemossa and Sóller, you have already driven a bit through the Serra de Tramuntana and could already catch a glimpse of the breathtaking mountain landscape of the west coast of Mallorca. However, the mountain range is much larger and stretches from the northeast to the southwest of the island and since 2011 it belongs to the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

On the route of more than 90 kilometers, you can discover unique natural landscapes without any mass tourism and thus enjoy them fully.

Es Pontàs

Es Pontas in the sea of Mallorca
Located in the southeast of the Balearic island you will find the rock gate Es Pontàs. What looks like a bridge is a naturally formed construction of rock about 70 meters wide and is situated in the middle of the sea on the coastline between the coves of Cala Santanyí and Cala Llombards.

For experienced climbers, this place is a paradise, but also for anyone who can not climb, Es Pontàs offers a unique sight.

Cap Formentor

View on the lighthouse on Cap de Formentor Mallorca
At the eastern end of the island, you will find Cap Formentor, which is also considered the northernmost point of Mallorca. Surrounded by beautiful coves and extraordinary rocky landscapes, you will find the most famous viewpoint Mirador del Mas Pas. If you are motivated enough, we recommend you to come here for the sunrise, because you won't experience this indescribable sight twice. For everyone that is not a morning person, we have good news because from here the sunset also looks phenomenal.

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