You only turn 21 once so it's only right that you celebrate it in style. Turning 21 marks the official turning point of becoming an adult, being of legal drinking age and no longer being able to use the excuse "But I'm only young" when you screw up! It also marks the start of an exciting new chapter in someone's life, full of adventure, exploration and self-discovery. In this list we'll unveil the best luxury gifts for her 21st birthday that will make her feel extra special.

Why is your 21st birthday a big deal?

Turning 21 is more than just another candle on the cake; it's a rite of passage into adulthood. It's the magical age when the doors to the world of possibilities swing wide open. The significance lies not just in get into clubs and being of legal drinking age, but in the symbolic transition to a new phase of life—one filled with independence, responsibility, and exciting opportunities.

How much money should I give my daughter or granddaughter on their 21st birthday?

The age-old question: how much green should you slap in the birthday card? Forget about a specific number, and think about it like this: you're not just giving cash; you're funding a mission. It's not about the dollars; it's about the memories. So, toss in an amount that says, "Go conquer the world!" Whether it's for a wild night out, a weekend getaway, or just some extra coffee for those adulting struggles, make it count.

Is it okay to give someone money for their birthday?

Absolutely! In fact, offering a monetary gift can be a thoughtful and versatile option. It allows the recipient the freedom to choose how they want to commemorate their special day, whether it's by treating themselves to something they've been eyeing or putting it towards a larger goal or experience. But if you do want to show an extra amount of care and consideration, why not opt for a personalised gift voucher? They're just as simple to put together but show you've gone the extra mile to mark this special day.

The Best Luxury 21st Birthday Gifts For Her

1. A Chanel Make-Up Masterclass

a lady gets her make up done during a make up masterclass as a 21st birthday gift
First on our list of luxury 21st birthday gifts is a Chanel make-up appointment. Set your special lady up with the essential make-up skills to have her starting this new chapter feeling and looking her best from the inside out. During this masterclass, she'll learn from experts in their fields about how to create her signature look and enhance her current beauty routine using only the best Chanel make-up products.

2. A MacBook Pro

give a macbook pro as a 21st birthday gift idea for her
Whether your 21-year-old is heading off to college, starting a freelance business or taking a gap year, they won't be disappointed with our next 21st birthday gift. The MacBook Pro is compact, sleek and high-performing, allowing them to complete any online tasks with ease and speed. Plus, she'll be able to take this laptop everywhere with her due to it's lightweight making it practical and stylish.

3. Jimmy Choo Heels

jimmy choo heels are one of the best luxury 21st birthday gifts
Third on our list of luxury 21st birthday gifts is perfect for any fashionista, as you'll be able to elevate her style with the epitome of luxury footwear— Jimmy Choo heels. These iconic shoes not only make a bold fashion statement but also add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and will be a great addition to her 21st birthday outfit. And we bet she'll be thinking of you as she struts into the next chapter of life with confidence and glamour! These heels are a timeless 21st birthday gift that will have her feeling like a queen whenever she slips them on.

4. La Mer Skincare Gift Set

buy a la mer gift set as a 21st birthday gift idea
Indulge her in the world of luxury skincare with a La Mer gift set for her 21st birthday. Whether you opt for an indulgent set, moisturising, or glowing hydration, this renowned skincare brand offers a pampering experience like no other, providing top-tier products that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The La Mer Skincare Gift Set is a gesture of self-care, allowing her to embrace the beauty of this milestone birthday while maintaining a radiant and youthful glow.

5. A Peloton Bike

Combine fitness and luxury with the gift of a Peloton Bike. This state-of-the-art exercise equipment not only ensures a convenient and effective workout but also adds a touch of sophistication to her home. Perfect for the health-conscious and those with a taste for modern design, the Peloton Bike is a 21st birthday gift that promotes both physical well-being and style and will help her save precious money on gym fees as she can now workout from home.

6. A Hotel Voucher for a Spa Retreat

a spa retreat is the best 21st birthday present
Treat her to a rejuvenating escape with a hotel voucher for a spa retreat. This luxurious 21st birthday gift offers a perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence, allowing her to unwind in a serene environment. From soothing massages to invigorating treatments, a spa retreat provides the ideal setting for her to recharge and embrace the excitement of a new chapter.

7. Dyson Cordless Hairdryer

Upgrade her beauty routine by buying her a Dyson Cordless Hairdryer for her 21st birthday. This cutting-edge hair device combines efficiency with elegance, offering a salon-quality experience in the comfort of her own home. The Dyson Cordless Hairdryer is a practical and stylish gift that ensures she starts each day looking and feeling her best.

8. A Louis Vuitton Travel Bag

At number eight is a Louis Vuitton travel bag, perfect for any avid travellers who are never away from the airport. This stylish but practical travel bag can be taken on flights as hand luggage as can easily fit all your travel essentials. It's high quality leather is patterned with LV's iconic monogram print that she can proudly show off on her travels.

9. A Cartier LOVE Bracelet

buy a cartier bracelet as a 21st birthday gift idea
Nothing says luxury gift more than jewellery from Cartier. Gift the special lady in your life a Cartier LOVE bracelet that's locked by a screwdriver to symbolise the seal of love. These 18-caret gold bracelets are incredibly on trend right now and will send you sky-rocketing to the top of the gift givers chart.

10. A Flight Voucher for over 400 Airlines

a plate of fresh fruit, cheese and nuts on a first class flight
Last but not least on our least of the 21st birthday gift ideas is a flight gift certificate that she can redeem on over 400 major airlines including Emirates, KLM and British Airways, that fly to over 980 incredible destinations. Whether she wants to party in Vegas, go shopping in Paris and travel solo in the USA, this mighty little airline gift card allows her to do it all and then some!

Plus, our airline gift cards are printed on luxury paper and can be personalised with a photo and message to make your 21st birthday gift extra sentimental. Strapped for time? Our airline vouchers also come in a PDF format for you to print at home or as an eGift that lands directly in her inbox. You can upload anything from $25 all the way up to $10,000, so if you're really wanting to treat her on her 21st, she'll be able to fly first class to her dream 21st birthday holiday destination.

Which 21st birthday gift will you choose?

a girl on her 21st birthday with balloons
We hope we've inspired you with our list of luxury 21st birthday gifts for her. Just know that whatever you choose is bound to make her day! And don't forget to buy her a 21st birthday cake and 21st birthday decorations to set the scene for this monumental day.