While Halloween in Europe differs significantly from the Halloween festivities you would find in the USA, there are still many cities that partake in this spooky holiday in their own unique ways. From the vampire inspired castles of Romania to the Celtic origins of Halloween, here are the 5 Spookiest European Cities to Celebrate Halloween!

Where to Celebrate Halloween in Europe:

  1. Transylvania, Romania: Draculas Castle
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland: Loch Ness Monster
  3. Bavaria, Germany: Sleeping Beauty's Castle
  4. Derry, Northern Ireland: Origin of Halloween
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark: Tivoli Halloween Amusement Park 

1. Transylvania, Romania: Dracula's Castle 

Transylvania, Romina
The Transylvania region of Romania is our top pick for spookiest cities in Europe for Halloween. The history of this region of Romania is tumultuous, between its myths (the very famous Count Dracula), its castles (Bran, Peles) and its Saxon cities (Sighisoara) that will plunge you into a parallel universe, you'll remain breathless in front of so much splendor. To make this city even more magical at this time of year, the Transylvanian landscape is alive with color, tinged with orange, yellow and red, creating an almost fantastical setting.

What spooky things to do Transylvania during Halloween

If you're wondering what spooky things to do in Transylvania for Halloween, here are some activities we highly recommend you book on your trip to Transylvania:

2. Edinburgh, Scotland: Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness
Edinburgh, Scotland with its ancient streets cloaked in mist and mystery, emerges as a prime destination for those seeking chilling adventures for Halloween. Amidst the Highlands adorned in a fiery tapestry of red and gold, the magic of the Skye region, and the allure of mythical forts, Scotland unveils its darker, more enigmatic side in the cobblestone alleys of its capital. As the veil between worlds thins, Edinburgh's haunted history comes alive, beckoning travelers to explore its shadowy corners and delve into its ghostly past. From the eerie depths of the Edinburgh Vaults to the imposing silhouette of Edinburgh Castle, the city teems with tales of restless spirits and ancient curses.

What spooky things to do in Edinburgh during Halloween

If, in addition to the list of must-see places to visit in Edinburgh in October, you'd like to enjoy some unusual activities and experiences during your vacation, here's our list of must-do activities in Scotland:

  • Board the Jacobite Express: to discover the Highlands in autumn aboard Harry Potter's famous train.
  • The Loch Ness region (to see: Loch Ness, Clan Fraser cemetery - for Outlanders fans -, Falls of Foyers, Loch Tarff).
  • Visit Edinburgh's haunted underground: visit the Blair Street Underground and learn more about Edinburgh's dark past.

If you'd like to learn a little more about Scotland, check out our various guides written by our local experts: A weekend in Edinburgh.

3. Bavaria, Germany: Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

Bavaria, Germany reveals its enchanting and eerie allure as October casts its spell. While Munich attracts crowds with the vibrant energy of Oktoberfest, Bavaria's countryside whispers tales of a different kind. Venture beyond the beer-soaked festivities and lose yourself in the ochre-tinted landscapes of Füssen, where the quaint charm of colorful houses and winding streets captivates the soul. Here, the legendary Neuschwanstein Castle, makes for an ideal Halloween destination, transporting visitors to a fairytale realm straight out of a storybook.

What spooky things to do in Bavaria during Halloween

When traveling to Bavaria this autumn for Halloween we recommend adding the following spooky activities to your list of things to do in October in this region of Germany:

  • Füssen Night Walk: Take a nighttime stroll through the charming town of Füssen, with its narrow streets and colorful houses. Experience the town's eerie ambiance under the glow of the moonlight.
  • Visit Neuschwanstein Castle: Explore the legendary Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

4. Derry, Northern Ireland: Origin of Halloween

Spooky Dublin in Fog
Derry, officially Londonderry, stands as a beacon of Halloween revelry, embracing the ancient Celtic traditions of Samhain. As one of the largest Halloween festivals worldwide, Derry's month-long celebration is a testament to its rich heritage and spirited community. Harvest markets fill the streets, while pumpkin Jack o’ Lanterns, rooted in ancient turnip carvings, cast an enchanting glow. From zombie nights to witchery workshops, the lead-up to the grand carnival and fireworks display is nothing short of spellbinding. Tens of thousands flock from around the globe to immerse themselves in Derry's legendary festivities, where history, art, and folklore converge in a mesmerizing street parade. Voted the best Halloween destination in the world, Derry's annual celebration promises an unforgettable experience.

What spooky things to do Derry during Halloween

If you want to take advantage of your stay in Derry in October to do some unusual activities during the autumn season, we recommend the following experiences:

  • Derry Halloween Festival: Europe's largest Halloween festival as the Walled City of Derry welcomes the spirit of Samhain through its historic gates
  • Haunted Harvest Markets: Browse local harvest markets throughout the city, where you can sample seasonal treats, shop for unique crafts, and soak up the festive atmosphere.
  • Fireworks Finale: As the clock strikes 7pm on Halloween night, Melvin Running Track becomes the epicenter of a breathtaking Firework Finale

5. Copenhagen, Denmark: Tivoli Halloween Amusement Park 

Copenhagen Tivoli

Copenhagen transforms into a hauntingly enchanting destination come Halloween, with Tivoli Gardens taking center stage in the festivities. As Fall arrives, Tivoli's gardens undergo a spooky makeover, embracing a cozy yet eerie atmosphere perfect for the season. Special Halloween exhibitions and events abound, with the "scaryhouse" captivating visitors of all ages. From the traditional pumpkin competition to the Monsters Night Out parade, Tivoli's Halloween program promises thrills and delights for all. While Halloween may not be a widely celebrated holiday in Denmark, Tivoli Gardens offers a unique opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season in a magical setting steeped in history and charm.

What spooky things to do in Copenhagen during Halloween

To make Halloween in Europe full of all the favorite fall festivities, we recommend booking one of the following activities during your trip:

  • Tivoli's Halloween Event: Experience the magical transformation of Tivoli Gardens during Halloween. The park is adorned with spooky decorations, and special events and attractions are held throughout October.
  • Pumpkin Picking: Get into the Halloween spirit by attending pumpkin carving workshops or competitions held at various venues across the city.

How Will You Celebrate Halloween in Europe?

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