The Christmas season is approaching, and so is the time for giving gifts. Are you still looking for a unique gift to give? How about a gift card this year? If you think they aren’t personal or creative, check out our experience gift cards, on which you can insert a personal note and photo. Cool, right? They're perfect for people looking to give a travel gift to their loved ones!

Still want to do something extra and not just present a loose gift card? Get inspired and discover ideas on how to pack your gift card with us so that your gift will be remembered for a long time.

How to wrap an experience gift card

Flightgift card Christmas

Experiences are intangible, so how do you wrap one in a presentable box? The answer is: You don’t need to, with our gift cards.

Our physical gifts are beautifully designed and come in unique forms to wow your recipients. For example, our flight gift card looks like an actual airline ticket, and our hotel gift card takes the shape of a hotel door tag. Plus, the gift card is wrapped in a sleeve, so it’s ready to be presented right away.

Whether you want to give a hotel stay or a flight, your recipient gets a great time while you're giving back to the environment. You can choose the type of gift yourself: online as an eGift, or in-person as a printable PDF. It’s effortless and guaranteed to delight.

Gift card wrapping for Christmas

someone wrapping a christmas gift
Who says wrapping gift cards for Christmas requires a lot of effort? All you need to wrap a Christmas gift impressively is some wrapping paper, packing twine, a few fir branches from the nearest tree in your neighborhood and tape.

You have, of course, a few different options to wrap your gift. A simple envelope is the best solution for those who want to spend as little time as possible on this task. To do this, wrap your gift card in paper, so it looks like an envelope afterwards. Now tie the wrapping string around the envelope in the shape of a cross. Secure in the pine branches where the string intersects. Tada! Now you have a Christmas gift.

You can pimp your finished gift with a few decorative items, like gold stars.

If you have a little more time, you can also make a reindeer envelope. For this, you need a white envelope, some cardboard and paint. Make sure to also have some scissors and glue ready. Slide the gift card into the envelope and seal it. Now the cardboard comes into play. Cut out a reindeer antler from the cardboard and, separately, a reindeer's face. Use the paint to color the fur, the eyes and the nose. Loosely glue the face to the front so that the head lines up with the top of the envelope. Glue the ears with the antlers from the back of the envelope. That's it!

Tip: How to wrap a paper gift certificate

So you’ve decided to print a gift card out, and now you’re wondering how to present it in a way that’s not obvious or boring. A cool way to wrap a paper gift card is to put it in an unsuspecting container to mislead the recipient. Used pickle jars and cookie boxes are our favorites, as they catch the recipients off-guard in a cheeky way.

If you’re a crafty person, you can fold your paper gift certificate into an origami. However, a word of warning: Make sure to preserve the redeem code, so that it’s still readable after unwrapping.

If you’re not good with crafts, and you’re running out of time, there’s always the good ol’ “clipping it in a bigger gift”. We’d recommend getting a second present, like a teddy bear, to be the “messenger” for your paper gift card. That way, you’ll make this Christmas more fun, meaningful, and memorable.

Creative gift card wrapping

gift wrapping
Gift cards can be given away all year round, of course, or maybe you just don't want to give away a Christmas-wrapped gift card despite the Christmas season. We have put together a few ideas for creatively wrapping a gift card.
For the simple variant of wrapping the gift card with paper and some string, you can use alternatives instead of the fir branch. Dried flowers or summer twigs are great here.

Dried flowers are also a component of our next creative idea. You will need colored wrapping paper, a page from an old book you no longer need and some cords. To begin, wrap the gift card in the colored paper and tear the top and bottom of the book page as you like. Then cover the wrapped gift card and tape it to the back. Now wrap the gift in the middle with the cord and stick the dried flowers underneath. A beautiful gift is ready!

Alternatively, you can wrap your gift card in a glass. Of course, this does not fit into a drinking glass, so use a large canning jar. The most important thing is that the gift card is easy to remove. In addition, you need some decorative granules to fill up the bottom of the jar. You can easily position the gift card in the granules without falling over. Finally, fill the jar with small items such as ribbon, chocolate or other sweets, and your gift card is ready to give.